Catholics to Pray Rosary On the Border to Shield U.S. From Terrorism

Roman Catholics pray with giant rosary beads along the border.



Roman Catholics are preparing to pray the rosary in a program they have called “Rosary on the Borders” in order to protect the United States from terrorism. The prayer initiative is taken from the Rosary on the Borders in Poland, in which Papists gathered on the two thousand mile border and prayed for protection of their nation last October. Now, American Catholics will gather to pray the superstitious incantation of the rosary to their false god.

The name of the Romish organization putting together the prayer initiative is called USA Rosary on the Coasts and Borders, and they acknowledge that America’s massive national borders will be much harder to literally cover, as they were able to do in Poland. By comparison to Poland’s two thousand miles of border, the United States has a northern border of nearly 4 thousand miles, a southern border of nearly 2 thousand miles, and over 98 thousand miles of coastline. Nonetheless, the Papists say that they will create “a prayer shield by representation.” They are asking for only 53 Roman Catholics – representing U.S. states and territories – to put the prayer shield in place that will provide divine power to protect America. source link

The goal, according to an organizer, is “to ask Our Lady to save the USA from Islamic jihad, from the denial of the Christian faith, and for an end of abortion.” So, in other words, they’re praying to a dead woman. In fact, the date of December 12 was chosen as the day of prayer because it coincides with the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which celebrates the only apparition of Mary in the New World pronounced authentic by the Catholic Church (which took place at the Villa de Guadalupe in 1531).

Patricia Lemmon, who is putting together the prayer initiative, said, “So the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, victor of Lepanto, seems the ordained date for America to link with Poland…Thus we will jointly block jihad and embrace faith and life.”

Roman Catholics take the same idolatrous, superstitious approach to ministering at abortion clinics, as they typically stand on the street mumbling their prayers to their dead woman. While their faith is commendable, the object of their faith is an idol, and cannot justify or make any eternal or temporal difference.

They have set up a link to help organize the Marian prayer shield here. For why the rosary and prayers to Mary are idolatry, click here.

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