Todd Bentley Reveals Blurry Angel Photo as Proof of Charismatic Power

Todd Bentley Reveals Blurry Angel Photo as Proof of Charismatic Power

Todd Bentley, nicknamed by some as “Bam Bam Bentley” is best known for his physical violence toward the sick and the much-publicized 2008 Lakeland Revival, during which he was cheating on his wife and engaged in regular drunkenness. New Apostolic Reformation “apostles” – led by NAR founder, C. Peter Wagner and accompanied by Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson – anointed Todd Bentley as a spirit-filled, spirit-manifesting miracle worker.  None of these apostles and prophets – NONE – could perceive that Todd Bentley was an adulterous fraud when they laid hands on him. That video is below.

They literally likened his commissioning to “offering the right hand of fellowship as the three Apostles did to Paul in Jerusalem.” Wagner then said that he took his own Apostolic authority given to him, and had given it to Bentley.

If only there were someone present with the gift of prophecy who could have seen Bentley’s unrepentant adultery and drunkenness. But, not to worry, Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner and other NAR Apostles have since restored Todd Bentley to ministry – along with his former intern/mistress and new wife.

Since then, Bentley has been back at his craft, pushing and shoving in Jesus’ name. While claiming to be gifted with prophetic powers, he didn’t see Justin Peters’ rebuke coming.


Bentley’s claims of the miraculous continue to increase to greater and greater levels of absurdity. As of 2015, Bentley was claiming to raise the dead in Pakistan. But this time, Bentley is producing images of an angel who appeared to minister to a woman at his crusade.

Bentley wrote on his Instagram account, “I’ve had so many requests for this image of an Indian woman in worship. The most amazing thing happened when the Angel of the Lord appeared on her left. It looks like both Glory and Gold! This was the night revival broke out in South Africa for nearly 3 months and we saw over 12,000 Muslims saved. There were many others that both saw and felt the angel’s presence. This image was caught in the photographers lens. There were also many unbelievers that were covered in gold when this took place!”

You can see the image below.


A few things here:

  1. That photograph has clearly been put through a number of filters.
  2. That photograph doesn’t show an angel.
  3. An unrepentant adulterer, drunk, physical abuser would never photoshop a photo…would he?

Oh, and unbelievers were covered with gold. Because, you know, that’s how God gets their attention, I guess. Nonetheless, his followers were quick to absurdly ascribe the blurriness to the charismatic power of Todd Bentley.

So, his charismatic followers hypothesize it was:

  1. A lady angel
  2. A “sister” (nun) angel
  3. One charismatic follower matter-of-factly wrote that the Holy Spirit “actually said” it was her “Sister in the Spirit.” Whatever that is.

Angel photos are blurry for the same reason Sasquatch photos are blurry. And that reason isn’t because they’re real.

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