Charismatic Prophet Prays Over Cell Phones, Money is Put Into their Accounts

According to this charismatic prophet in South Africa, “Money [was] entered into people’s accounts as I prayed over their phones on Sunday. 2000 People will receive an alert of Millions entering their accounts on their phones right now. How much do you want? What do you want the money for? If you are online, use your phone to type Amen and share this post and wait for the SMS, it’s entering now. 2000 people only. Miracles upon Miracles will happen this Sunday in South Africa at No 183 Commissioner Street Johannesburg (The green building Opposite BMW Next to Absa bank). Don’t miss.”

Reportedly, he prayed over cell phones as they received text messages from their banks that millions of dollars were being placed in their banking accounts.

If you want a blessing, though, you’ve got to move fast.

God gives miracles for Facebook shares, apparently. Here’s a video of him bestowing money from Heaven upon people.

Chiefly, he sells a special magic oil called, “Do As I Say Annointing Oil,” which he promises will bring you money if you spread it on your stuff.

Consider this guy’s testimony…

A million dollars put into your account over lunchtime. Nice.

The prophet calls himself, “Seer 1.” So there’s that. You can see his Facebook page, here.

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