Roman Catholics Disrupt Reformation Day Service with their Pagan Repetition

To be fair, the “Protestants” were asking for it. They had gathered at the Roman Catholic church for an ecumenical worship service. Apparently missing the entire point of the Reformation, they came together to celebrate the Reformation. If it makes no sense, that’s because it doesn’t.

The Catholic Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula hosted the Reformation Day service with the United Protestant Church in Belgium, whose president said that the joint service “sent a strong ecumenical signal,” which indeed it did. Protestants have often fell for the Romish scheme of ecumenism, making compromises on important theological issues without noticing that the papist harlot herself never makes any compromises. Coming together under “unity” is just another way that the Harlot of Babylon has tried to get Protestants back underneath her skirt.

Falling for this scheme, the UPCB gathered with the Papists. Their kumbaya unity didn’t last long, however, as a group of young Catholics disturbed the hand-holding unity by disrupting the service with praying the rosary. The rosary is a prayer of vain repetition, associated with paganism and explicitly forbidden by Jesus in Matthew 6:7. The prayer consists of ten “Hail Marys” and is credited with all sorts of superstitious efficacy. They began to pray the rosary as the Protestant minister tried to start his sermon.

Police had to be called to throw out the Roman Catholic youngsters, which must have been insulting, considering it was their church. Video is below.



Notice that they disrupt the service with their demonic chants and the crowd tries to talk sense into them before the police came to break up their protest.

Pamphlets passed out by the Roman Catholic idolaters said the following…

“Our Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula is a Catholic building built by our fathers to be a House of God, for the celebration of the holy Mass, for the praise of God and the Saints. The occupation of our cathedral by Protestants to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is therefore a profanation. Indeed, the so-called Reformation was really a revolt: under the pretext of combatting abuses, Luther rebelled against the divine authority of the Catholic Church, denied numerous Truths of the Faith, abolished the Sacrifice of the Mass and the Sacraments, rejected the necessity of good works and the practice of Christian virtues. Finally, he attacked the veneration of the Virgin Mary and the saints, the religious life and monastic vows. This terrible revolution was a great tragedy for Christian society and for the salvation of souls. And the Lutheran errors are still heresies today because the Truth is eternal.”