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Indian Guru Latest Rage Among Charismatic Christians

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is a Hindu-turned-Charismatic Guru who blends his Hindu pujas (religious traditions) with Christian flavoring to create an interesting advertising schtick to those seeking after signs and prophecies. Selvaraj has become the latest rage among America’s charismatics, who are increasingly seeing him as a prophet, or in some cases, Apostle.

Selvaraj has made numerous end times or doomsday prophecies, especially those relating to natural disasters or pestilence, that have reportedly come to pass.

Like all charismatic prophecies, his have only come in the vaguest of terms, and if fulfilled he is heralded as a prophet, and if unfulfilled he is credited with turning the people to repentance and turning back God’s wrath.

Selvaraj is also a necromancer, and claims that Old Testament prophets are actually prophesying through him. He has done this, in particular, with the prophet, Joel. In fact, Selvaraj has claimed that God’s Old Testament Saints will come back down to Earth to help with natural disaster recovery efforts (link, timestamp 10:14).

Here’s a video of Selvaraj talking about his own Heaven tourism in which he appeared at a heavenly council with none other than…Donald Trump.

So, you can see exactly what this guy’s deal is. He supposedly hears directly from God. He’s seen God. He’s seen Heaven; he’s been there. He speaks to the Old Testament prophets and they speak with him and through him. And, he looks like an Indian guru, so Westerners think he must be especially attuned to the supernatural.

Selvaraj will be promoted on Jim Bakker’s survival food infomercial on December 4.

Expect to see more and more of this shaman in American charismaticism as time goes on. He is now on our radar.