Hefner Had a Purpose Driven Life, Says Pastor

Hefner Had a Purpose Driven Life, Says Pastor

Aptly named pastor of XXX Church, Craig Gross, says that the famous playboy had a copy of ‘A Purpose Driven Life’ on his book shelf.

According to one source, “Gross recalls getting an email from someone who worked at the Playboy Mansion and who wanted to engage in some ‘undercover ministry’ and to be a light in the darkness.”

Of course, “undercover” has a different meaning at the Playboy Mansion, which is probably unintended. According to Gross, the individual was working at the Playboy Mansion as some kind of self-pronounced missionary, sneaking and sleuthing around for Pastor Gross, trying to find signs of Christianity at the den of iniquity.

Pastor Craig Gross with porn star, Ron Jeremy.

Gross says they found a sign that Hefner might have been on the straight and narrow after all.

“He shared with me about a book on Hef’s shelf called The Purpose Driven Life. I even emailed Rick Warren and told him because I thought it was so cool. He never wrote me back and I guess if your book sells 70 million copies you are not shocked who is reading it.”

Gross believes that the existence of A Purpose Driven Life on Hefner’s book shelves leaves him hope that he may be in Heaven. After all, if his “brilliant mind” could start a porn empire, surely he would be “smart enough” to buy Rick Warren’s book and make it into Heaven.

“I don’t know if Hef is looking down on us right now or not, but my faith is just big enough to hold on to the hope that this brilliant mind who started at Esquire and went on to build an empire was smart enough to pick up that book on his shelf and possibly could have found his true purpose.”

There is no word regarding whether or not the Playboy Mansion had a copy of the Bible. Gross wasn’t excited enough to report it, if he did.

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