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London Church Hosts Satanic Fashion Show

St. Andrew Holborn church in Holborn is on the northwest edge of London, and goes back at least to the year 959AD. The church is still funded through a trust of a local weapons dealer, which has been carefully funded throughout the centuries and still provides for the buildings upkeep, which survived a lightning strike in 1563, the Great Fire of London in 1666, having to be partially rebuilt in 1713, and nearly destroyed by German bombing in 1941. The iconic church was referenced in the classic novel, Oliver Twist. It is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, as was reported elsewhere. In fact, one of its patrons was executed for serving a Catholic Mass in 1591. It is affiliated with the Church of England.

The church was also recently host to a satanic fashion show.

The Dilara Findikoglu, the Turkish designer whose favorite band is Black Sabbath, put on the fashion show to reveal her line that is based upon her occultic vibe. She told Vogue Magazine

I’m into parapsychology and all the occult and magic stuff, so when I was reading those books, [her Muslim parents] thought I was going to be a Satanist.”

Findikogulu says she’s not a satanist, but that the occult has informed her fashion. In fact, she says that she doesn’t like how “religion divides people into groups.”


The highlight of Findikogulu’s fashion show was the drag queen model, Violet Chachki (his given name is unknown, or we would use it instead), dressed in a devil outfit, whose hair was shaped to look like horns.


Sometimes, devils are disguised as angels of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). Sometimes they’re just showing off.