Todd White Praises Kenneth Copeland, Fangirls Over Copeland’s “Amazing Eyes”

Similar to what appears to be a fanatic display of adulation by a preteen girl fawning over her favorite boy band member, New Apostolic false teacher Todd White blandishes the acclaimed prosperity pimp, Kenneth Copeland, for ….. his “amazing eyes.”

I just heard him talk about who Jesus was to him and I was so blown away and I couldn’t get over his eyes and I’m like “Oh my gosh.” He’s got these amazing eyes that glare right into your soul, and I was like “gosh, what is that?” You know what? It’s the lamp of the body…

Of course, White twists Matthew 6:22 here — I might add that the look Kenneth Copeland gives is more akin to staring face to face with Satan than anything remotely resembling Christianity.


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