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Catholic Idolaters Claim to Find St. Peter’s Bones…Again. No, Again. No, Again.

Bones of Peter…supposedly.

The Roman Catholic Church has claimed that bones belonging to Saint Peter have been found in an old church along the Tiber River (obviously).

Workers were doing renovations on the Church of Santa Maria in Rome when they came across bones stored in clay pots, according to The Telegraph. According to inscriptions on the clay pots, the remains were those of Peter, three Popes – Cornelius, Callixtus and Felix – and four additional early Christian martyrs.

If a discovery of the dismembered remains of eight people were found shoved in storage, one might think about calling the local police department and reporting either murders or – at the very least – some necromantic witchcraft was going on. For Roman Catholic idolaters, however, the finding has been met with celebration.

According to Christian Today, the church also claims to have a remnant of one of Mary’s dresses stored away, which was also lost. DNA tests hope to resolve that the bones really do belong to Peter. Now, you might know that comparing DNA would only work if there were other pieces of organic evidence of which to compare the remains. So, unless there’s a hairbrush of Peter’s floating around, one would think that proving the find through DNA might prove difficult. But, as it turns out, the Vatican has lots of organic evidence from Peter.

The deacon of the church told the press, “We’re waiting for a detailed study to be undertaken. A DNA comparison between these bones and those kept by the Vatican would shed light on the issue.”

Now, here’s the problem with all this…

The “infallible” Pope Paul VI has already said back in 1968 that the bones of Peter were found shortly after WWII in a coffin in Rome. Pope Francis recently revealed these bones at a mass service in 2013, the first time the relics were made available for viewing by the public.

However, the 1968 claim of Pope Paul VI isn’t the first time the church has dragged pieces of what is supposedly Peter’s corpse to worship, bow down and pray to.

When Constantine paganized the church in 313, he soon built a basilica over what was then claimed to have been Peter’s body. Pope Julius claimed the body was there in 1506. The problem is for the 1968 claim that the bones supposedly of Peter were found in a repository pre-dating Constantine’s claim. Furthermore, the Basilica of St. John Lateran claims to have had the skull of St. Peter for the last thousand years or so. As best as we can tell, no one claims to have Peter’s feet. Nonetheless, if one Papist church has Peter’s head, and several others claim his bones, and no one has his feet, how on Earth did Peter get so dispersed? And furthermore, how many bones did that man have?

When Moses died, angels retrieved his body (Jude 1:9). The traditional interpretation of this Text leaves us to believe that people might have been prone to worship or idolize Moses’ bones. Likewise, King Josiah destroyed the bronze serpent Moses had crafted because the people had turned it into an idol (2 Kings 18:4). The Roman Catholic church needs to take a lesson from the Sacred Writ and repent of their idolatry.

Other “icons” of the church include the actual head of Catherine of Siena (they bring it out every year to bless a horse race), blood of Janaurius, the foreskin of Jesus, the tongue of Anthony of Padua, Thomas’ finger, John the Baptist’s head (that one is slightly more explainable, considering), the body of Mark, and enough supposed splinters off the cross to make a life-size version of Noah’s Ark (source link).

Please pray that the Roman Catholic church repent of her idolatries, and join the one, true and catholic church of Protestantism.