False Prophet Lance Wallnau Rebukes and Commands Hurricane Irma to "Peesh Into the Ocean"

False Prophet Lance Wallnau Rebukes and Commands Hurricane Irma to “Peesh Into the Ocean”

In our False Teacher of the Day Series #4, we brought to your attention the false teacher Lance Wallnau. Wallnau has been thoroughly discredited as a false prophet. A key player in the New Apostolic Reformation, he is a driving force behind the Seven Mountain Mandate that seeks to take “dominion” over seven designated areas of culture including, religion, family, education, government, media, arts & entertainment, and business.

Today, Wallnau has another prophetic claim for you. In the video below, you can see him “finger shoot” Hurricane Irma and command it to “peesh” (whatever that means, but I advise against Googling it) and wobble off into the ocean. Actually, I have a prophecy for you too. The charismatic craziness and absurdity is picking up steam in 2017 and heads are beginning to explode. Wait, that’s not a prophecy, that’s a reality.

See the video from IsNotSatire below:


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