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Give Me Moore, Moore, and Moore – ERLC Conference 2018

When I first saw the tweet from Russell Moore that he had invited Beth Moore to the 2018 Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission (ERLC) conference, I, along with my colleagues, thought it was a joke. Seriously, we thought he was just trying to be funny. But then I thought, “he invited Andy Stanley to his conference, why wouldn’t he invite Beth Moore?” So I confirmed that his tweet is indeed true (see here). The invitation was seemingly extended to Lecrae (the rapper who happens to be Christian, whose last name happens to be Moore also). Moore’s tweets stated,

We announced last night that next year’s @ERLC national conference will be a Moore family reunion with @BethMooreLPM with us!

If @lecrae will come, we will have the Moore Family trifecta out in full force…

One can only wonder what purpose it serves to the body of Christ or the Southern Baptist Convention for the ERLC to continue to parade false teachers to ballyhoo the current pet cultural issue being pushed to pulpits around America from the Social Justice Warrior headquarters in Nashville.

In 2016, the ERLC invited Andy Stanley on the show to play the favorite “what if you were evangelical pope” game, to which Stanley announced that he would “take the spotlight off the bible.” Of course, why a false teacher like Andy Stanley would be given an audience, to begin with by what is supposed to be a conservative denomination is hard to ascertain. This is the same Andy Stanley that trashed expository preaching and called it “cheating,” who stated that you can have a better life if you follow Jesus, even if you don’t know Him as the Son of God, who admonishes Christians to bake gay wedding cakes against their conscience, who says parents are “so stinkin’ selfish” if you don’t take your kids to a big church (like his), who believes that Scripture is indefensible to the world, who says that the incarnation of Christ is, well, not an important topic, and pretty much says you’re stupid if you’re not in one of “their churches.” Yet, somehow, Russell Moore thought it would be edifying to put this lampoon on display in front of thousands of onlookers while mollycoddling him as he spewed his venomous teachings.

This time, it’s Beth Moore. What possible good can come from the over-caffeinated crazy-eyed false prophetess being fed to the flock as she prattles her latest fantasies of God giving her visions to give money to random people at bus stops to merging every subsect of Christendom into a happy-ever-after unity? It’s consternating to see just how tolerant we are of that Jezebel, false prophetess, that’s leading so many in the Church to sin (Revelation 2:20).

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