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Adios, Wilderness Radio

I started Wilderness Radio in early 2015 to provide a 24/7 streaming radio network promoting Reformed Baptist preaching and quality podcasts. It has been available via streaming online and in an app for various platforms, like iOS and Android.
We appreciate those who have listened faithfully to VWR for years now, and those who have financially supported it. However, since I have stopped my podcast – which drove a considerable amount of traffic to VWR – its listenership has gradually decreased. Simultaneously, the service we have used to stream the audio – Wavestreaming – has had increased technical difficulties that they have been unable to resolve (mostly this involved the speed at which programs would play).
I want to thank Tom Sullivan for his years of faithful service running the station, and also Chris Chumita, who helped as for many, many hours as well.
For your edification, let me heartily recommend RefNet, a similar Reformed network (although not distinctively Baptist, as was VWR).
And, if streaming audio isn’t your thing, but would like to download quality podcasts, I would encourage you discover the Bible Thumping Wingnut Network.
In the mean time, you can still listen to my sermon audio from the various links you’ll find at Polemics Report.
The goal of VWR was to magnify the preaching of those whose preaching magnifies God. Might that work continue through His chosen people.
Grace & Peace,