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With the Help of “Christian” Feminists, the Blurring of Gender Identity and Gender Roles Continues On

The gender barriers continue to be under attack by the secular culture.  Those who speak confidently about how the roles of genders are ancient history, outdated modes of thought that need to be not only changed but obliterated.  In the Boy Scouts, the line has already has been compromised, wait, no, it has been erased, by allowing gay men to be scout leaders, and gay and transgender boys to be scouts. The goal to effeminize the role of men is to always start when they are still boys when their understanding of gender roles can still be molded.

In this clip from today’s, August 24, 2017, Good Morning America show, GMA highlights a girl who is fighting to enter the Eagle Scout program. She had been an honorary member of her older brother’s troop but now she wants to become a full-fledged Eagle Scout and she is campaigning for the rules to change. You will note that at the beginning of the video they interview several girls and women affiliated with Girl Scouts and they all agree that Girl Scouts are for girls and boy scouts are for boys.  The president of the Girls Scouts wrote a letter, mentioned in this Buzzfeed post, stating that the news of the BSA covertly exploring the idea of allowing girls into the BSA is upsetting, especially the GSA was trying to negotiate a relationship with BSA that would mutually benefit both groups, but BSA decided to move on their own.

Then GMA brings on their “expert” to speak on the topic, Rachel Simmons, an educator at an all-girls school in New York City.  In typical liberal fashion, GMA and Rachel Simmons pooh-pooh all over this whole idea of gender roles and associations specifically for girls and boys.  If boys want to girl stuff they should be able to join the Girl Scouts, and the same should true for the girls if they want to do boy stuff.  Simmons states, a paraphrase, that medieval/dark ages thought that boys are fundamentally and genetically different is forced upon them by the culture.  In her words “this is toxic” to young boys and girls.  So it is a good thing that those of us who are progressive idealists are here to correct that erroneous paradigm.  The whole time Simmons is talking her tone is one that sounds like she is reading a story to a group of first graders.  So soothing and reassuring that we are to believe what she is saying is the correct way to think.

Somewhere in the “Feminist Christian” fantasy world, I am sure Jory Micah, Rachel Held Evans and their gaggle of “Christian” feminists (just search Twitter and their Facebook pages, they are always retweeting/reposting each other’s stuff) are applauding this young girl and her misguided campaign to become an Eagle Scout.  These “Christian” feminists have abandoned the biblical standard of gender roles set forth by God Himself.  Complementarianism is so early twentieth century, God has called the church to be egalitarian.  Women, rise up, thou art invincible.  These “Christian” feminists have been demanding that women be able to share the pulpit, embracing the gay agenda and telling the rest of us that the social gospel is the gospel.

I believe that all of this “Christian” feminist agenda, and the blurring of gender identities and societal roles, can be traced back to the Garden of Eden after the fall.  The Lord proclaims the curse to Adam and Eve for sinning against God in Genesis 3.  In verse 16, along with having pain during the birth of a child Eve and the women after her would desire to dominate their husbands, to usurp their husband’s authority ordained by God.  This is manifested in the New Testament when God ordained that the role of pastors and elders were to be filled by a man (1 Tim 3, Titus 1).  This is why we have witnessed the rise of female pastors and teachers like Beth Moore, Joyce Meyers, Priscilla Prior and others.  The women’s movement of the 60’s and 70’s has influenced this rise of women pastors in the church.  These women are rebelling against the Word of God by teaching from the pulpit which God had ordained to be only occupied by biblically qualified men.

Their favorite role model in the bible is Esther.  They claim she was bold, defiant and resisted the misogynist ruler, embracing her womanhood and standing up against the male dominated establishment by exposing the racist plot of Haman.  When the reality is she was submissive to her king by observing the rules of the court, humbling herself before him by waiting for him to extend the golden scepter to her so she could speak and once again humbly presenting her petition to the king.  She did not speak out of turn nor bulrush her way to the throne.  She wasn’t defiant, she was humble and submissive to her king and husband and to the rule of the land.  That is the Esther who was the role model, not the feminist version of Rachel Held Evans.

We need to keep the church body in our prayers.  The truth of God’s word and the two genders, male and female, and their complementarian roles in God’s ordained order of the family are under attack from without and from within.  We need to hold fast to His Word and not cow to the screeching voices trying to tell us what to think and that the bible is wrong and needs to be understood differently in today’s culture.  The Word of God is eternal, and the truths that are found in that Word are eternal, and that is the footing we must plant our feet on as we stand firm against the onslaught.

[Contributed by Michael Hall]