A Question for Rod Dreher: Am I a Christian?

Dear Mr. Dreher,

I’m one of the “fundamentalist” writers here at Pulpit & Pen. I understand you don’t think very highly of us. We’ve been very forthright lately in asserting that adherents of Eastern Orthodoxy aren’t true Christians. We’ve come out like real…fundamentalists….about the whole thing. We lack the nuance of those like Dr. Mohler who, when he had you on Listening in Public to talk about your book, never affirmed you as a brother in Christ but also never explicitly stated that you practice a false religion.

Here at Pulpit & Pen, we openly and plainly state the truth–your religion is false. Eastern Orthodoxy does not represent Biblical Christianity and neither do you. We are very concerned about Heaven, Hell, and the Kingdom of God, therefore, we really don’t like to see false religions like Eastern Orthodoxy embraced by prominent apologists like Hank Hanegraaff.

We also don’t like to see false teachers such as yourself promoted at our Baptist seminaries. We don’t really care to hear your opinions about how to engage the culture, so we cover that. We don’t want to be unequally yoked with non-Christians, we want to lead them (you) to Christ. This is controversial–but you already know that. I’ve read your take on us. I understand you think we are a bunch of “banjo-picking” simpletons who begin sentences with conjunctions, but that’s not too terribly important to us. The gospel is. So, I’d like you to answer a question for me.

The gospel is. So, I’d like you to answer a question for me.

Do you think I am a Christian?

I believe Jesus is God incarnate. I believe he died to atone for my sins. I believe he rose from the grave as the Gospels record. I’ve repented (to God) of my sins and I confess that Jesus is Lord. I believe that I’m indwelt with the Holy Spirit.

I reject your church. I reject your sacraments. I reject priests who mediate between God and men, except for the high priest Jesus Christ. No church on earth can confer grace to me or help me maintain my salvation and I’ve never looked for a church to do so. I’ve been baptized by immersion and regularly take communion at my church, but I don’t believe taking part in these ordinances confer saving grace upon me. Neither does my church. I reject your church.

So, am I a Christian? I don’t mean culturally or nominally. I mean, “Will I go to Heaven and not Hades after I die?” I mean, “Am I a part of God’s elect people?” I mean, “Will I reside in the New Jerusalem with Jesus in my resurrected body forever?” I mean, “Will I not go to Hell?”

If I’m a Christian please tell me why. If I’m not, please explain why you should partner with me and those who believe like me for any Christian cause.

I await your reply


Seth Dunn

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