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Five Things At SWBTS More Offensive Than This Photo

Facutly at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary posed for the above photo, and Twitter has had a collective heart attack. Audible gasps could be heard around the world, as these faculty members apparently didn’t see the outrage as a predictable inevitability, and it was unwisely posted without an, ahem, trigger warning.
In all seriousness, I’m sure the ERLC is planning some sensitivity training for the faculty members. Dwight McKissic probably had a coronary. Another resolution will probably be planned for SBC2017 to clarify that the SBC doesn’t condone slavery. Russell Moore is probably planning a blog post at The Gospel Coalition to call this a “Gospel issue.”
Leading the School of Theology at Southwestern, Dr.David Allen thought the photo was a great idea, and worth sharing. Synergist, Rick Patrick* is in total agreement.

Lecrae, who is a Christian rapper rapper who happens to be a Christian, disagreed.

He was not alone in his assessment that this was nothing but pure racism (picture me saying that word in a dramatic movie trailer voice).

At the risk of invading the collective Twitter safe space with inconvenient reality, assuming that five guys dressed like gang members have to be immitating black people, is itself a purely racist assumption. What kind of white privilege do you have to suffer from to assume that white people can’t be thugs?
For the sake of context, I thought I would provide five things at Southwestern that are easily more offensive than this (kinda funny, if ill-advised) photograph.
1. David Allen having a Greek Orthodox non-Christian (if Southern Baptist theology matters) recently take the “Christian” side in a debate.
2. David Allen, the Dean of Theology at SWBTS, speaking with an anhilationist and pseudo-Universalist heretic at an upcoming conference.
3. Having a Campbellite preach at chapel (which is offensive, again, if Southern Baptist theology matters).
4. Having a stained-glass window of Rick Warren at the SWBTS chapel.
5. Enrolling Muslims in the Christian seminary.
I just figured it might help to keep some things in perspective. There are a lot of things demonstrably worse than giving snowflakes a reason to be upset. If there’s any reason to be offended at this photo, that gun looks like a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380, which is not practically suited for drive-by shooting.
On the bright side, the fellow has good trigger discipline.
[Editor’s Note: That was fake Rick Patrick. Twitter is a weird place]