Anointed Cake Saves Man From Gayness

A bar owner was a practicing homosexual and anti-Christian in his sentiments. A number of prostitutes got saved and decided the best way to save him was to make him a cake and “anoint it.”
“It was an anointed cake. The power of God hit him while he was eating the cake,” said pastor Lance Wallnau.

The demons that “were working him” were defeated as the anointed cake went through his digestive track. The pastor says the story is totally true, though.
Lance Wallanu, the charismatic spiritual leader telling the story of the ‘anointed’ cake, is a 7-Mountain NAR Dominionist. You can see him regularly featured in the pages of Charisma Mag.
Of course, these are the types of charismatic testimonies you always hear somebody else tell…never the guy who was saved by anointed baked goods.
To find out how to actually be saved and how God will do it, click here.

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