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Louie Giglio Goes New Age?

Most of us know Louie Giglio has gone the way of the false teacher.  He has left behind any credibility he had long ago with his uber-emotional sessions at his Passion Conference spurred on by the heretical bands Jesus Culture and Hillsong United.  He has poisoned the minds of many a young adult over the years of the conference. 

This tweet came via a retweet by his true friend of a feather, Craig Groeschel.  It seems Pastor Giglio has ventured into of New Age terminology and teaching:

Last I checked we bear the image of God and those whose hearts have been regenerated by the Father now have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit by faith and belief in Jesus Christ.  But nowhere does it say that God is woven into us so that His threads intertwine with our threads, metaphorically speaking.  That is what the mystics of the New Age movement teach, that god is a part of all us and the universe.  With his attempt to be spiritually profound and encouraging Louie Giglio’s statement sounds more like a New Age slogan.

This article has been amended.  I have removed the comments regarding Louis Giglio’s series “Goliath Must Fall”.  I sincerely apologize if those comments were incorrect and/or misleading.  However, I stand by the rest of the content that is in this post.  I believe Pastor Giglio should prayerfully reconsider some of his guest speakers and musical performances at his Passion Conference.

[Contributed by Michael Hall]