Polemics Term: Ethnic Gnosticism

You’re not black, so you wouldn’t understand.


Ethnic Gnosticism, a term credited to Voddie Baucham, refers to the assertion that someone not of a particular ethnicity can’t understand the problems or challenges of that particular ethnicity. Dr. James White has also used this term to describe one who says that people of one ethnicity cannot understand (and should not speak on) issues relating to another ethnicity. The term, as best as we can tell, was used in a conversation between Baucham and White following the fall-out from Elephant Room 1, as certain black pastors and James McDonald insisted that any concerns regarding TD Jakes’ Modalism were racially motivated and that non-black pastors couldn’t understand Jakes well enough to critique him.
Ethnic Gnosticism  is actually a subtle form of racism itself.

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