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Operación Los 15: Help Us Take Polemics to Latin America

Polemics Ministries United, which includes both Polemics Report and the flagship polemics ministry, Pulpit & Pen, is going to Latin America. Both sites are setting up Spanish “mirror sites” so that people can log-in and see our articles in their native tongues. We will also be promoting Spanish-speaking podcasts, similar to Polemics Report.
Right now, over a dozen Spanish-speaking volunteers – some from the United States, but others from Latin America – are prepared to translate our volume of work into their mother tongue.
As you are aware, much of our polemics work is designed to combat the dire and soul-crushing effects of Montanist-Charismaticism, and Montanist-Charismaticism is ravaging the church of Latin America. We aim to to provide a defense for the Bible, and to provide the polemics material necessary for the church to stand against that onslaught. And, we need your help.

Dollar for Discernment

For a little more than a dollar a day, you can help make a huge difference. Expanding our ministries into a whole other continent, recruiting writers, establishing ourselves in the evangelical communities, setting up the mirror sites, investing in forthcoming Spanish-speaking podcasts, will all take resources.
We are praying that God will provide 100 people to contribute 35.95 a month, which will cover our preliminary expenses for this huge undertaking. Click here to sign up for monthly giving.
If you’re financially partnering with us on this project, please be sure to join “The Inner Bunker” on Facebook, which is our discussion group for this project.


We need:

  • Fluent Spanish-speakers to help us translate
  • Bloggers from Latin America who can provide commentary on the evangelical chicanery there
  • Spanish-speaking podcasters who would like to partner with our endeavors
  • Website developers
  • Social media experts

We pray that God might provide a way for you to help us. The field of polemics is growing and growing, and people are seeing the dire need for this historic theological discipline.