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Attn: Ecumenists! Rome To Announce New Title for Mary?

They made it just in time for the five-hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, though it’s unclear if the current sitter on the throne of apostasy in Rome will act on the request.

According to The Catholic News Agency, the International Marian Society has submitted a formal, ten-page request to the Pope for the official, public recognition of Mary as “Co-Redemptrix with Jesus the Redeemer.”

“A papal statement on Marian co-redemption would deepen our understanding of Mary’s role as the New Eve who collaborates with her Son, the New Adam, ‘in giving back supernatural life to souls.”  Dr. Robert Fastiggi, Professor of Mariology, Sacred Heart Seminary

The sorely apostate Society claims support from over “100 theologians, bishops, priests, religious, and lay leaders from over 20 countries dedicated to the ‘full truth and love of Mary, Mother of Jesus.”

The title “Co-Redemptrix” is not a new creation, however.  The title dates back, according to the article, to the 10th-century when certain litanies recognized Mary as “redeemer along with her son.”  The prefix “co-” was added in the 15th-century in order to elevate and clarify her cooperative efforts in redemption with the Son.  The phrase was notably used again in the 17th century and again in the early 20th century.  The second Vatican council, says the article, “ultimately decided against any formal recognition of the title.”

The reason Vatican II failed to find an official Pontiff recognition of the title is, according to Dr. Fastiggi, that such a recognition might “be difficult for the separated brethren (as in the case of the Protestants) to understand.”  Clearly, to affirm such a notion would be a clear signal of the continuing, idolatrous apostasy that already contaminates Roman Catholicism.  But, as Fastiggi admits, “The term, however, was not rejected because it was false.”

Ever in pursuit of Protestants to “come home,” Rome has not given this title to Mary in a formal way, but its tacit acceptance of it through the centuries effectively already makes it dogma.  The belief in the redeeming ministry of Mary is widespread among the deceived adherents of Roman theology.  But Fastiggi believes that formal papal recognition of the title would aid in ecumenism.

“A formal papal statement would also serve the cause of ecumenism because it would help other Christians know that the Catholic Church clearly distinguishes between the saving work of Christ as the one Savior and Mediator (1 Tim 2: 5–6) and the Blessed Mother’s secondary, dependent but utterly unique cooperation with Christ in the work of redemption and the mediation of grace.” Dr. Robert Fastiggi

The Professor of Mariology is further quoted:  “The members of Association realize that it’s up to the Holy Spirit to guide the Holy Father with regard to this petition. In this regard, prayer and trust are essential,” he said. “We trust in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Father, and the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is our spiritual Mother. May God’s will be done.”

With this closing quote, the CNA article ends.

And so does mine … excepting the following P.S. …

Anyone have a theses and a few nails?

There’s clearly cause to continue the protest.

“Got Apostasy?” has just gotta be the official bumper sticker of the pope-mobile.  And for 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide, Rome’s dangerous doctrines are driving them to sure and certain eternal destruction.

Pray for the lost trapped by the false gospel of Rome, and share the genuine, Biblical Gospel of the one true Redeemer with every Catholic you can.

Where’s the castle church door?  We’ve got a faith to defend and a Gospel to proclaim …


[Contributed by Bud Ahlheim]