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Man Spikes Church Potluck Cookies with Pot

Acccording to Indiana-area news sources, church attenders at the St. John’s the Apostle Catholic ‘Church’ got more than they anticipated when they ate the cookies brought by fellow member, Brian Jones.
They got high.
Jones (74), brought the cookies for the church to enjoy during a potluck event. A number of people at the cookies, which they reported as being “saltier” than normal. Six went to the emergency room, unaware of what was happening to them. When tested, they were found positive for THC (the mind-altering component in marijuana).
When his home was searched by police, they found pill bottles of hash oil, a byproduct of filtering and evaporating a solvent to marijuana, which leaves behind the brown, sticky substance that is used to smoke, ingest, or vaporize.
Or, you know…put into cookies for church.
Jones surrendered himself when he heard that there was a warrant for his arrest. He says he doesn’t know how the hash oil got into the cookies.
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