Mark Batterson's New Book on "God Whispers"

Mark Batterson’s New Book on “God Whispers”

Exciting news! Mark Batterson is writing another book! He announced it on Twitter:

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It seems Mark Batterson spun the fun wheel of false teachings and it landed on “how to hear the still small voice of God”. Isn’t that just great? Another informative book on how to tune in your inner radio dial to the frequency of the Holy God, how exciting! I am breathless with anticipation.

Wait, you mean, this isn’t a new idea? I don’t believe you. Let me check Amazon…huh, how about that. I did a word search “Hear God’s voice” and there were over four hundred results. It seems this one guy, Adam Houge, has made a living writing several books on the topic. Well, I’m sure Mark Batterson’s version will be fresh and new. There’s no way he will use the same old proof text of 1 Kings 19:12, where Elijah is hiding in the cave from Jezebel.

I know, maybe it’s the third volume in a trilogy. “In a Pit, With a Lion, On a Snowy Day” was volume one, “The Circle Maker” is volume 2 and this is volume 3, whatever he decides to title it. Maybe Batterson talks about how Benaiah drew a circle to protect himself from the lion, like Spongebob and Patrick did to be safe from the Sea Bear, so he could wait for the whisper of God so he could know what to do about the lion that shared a pit with him. Maybe the circle gave him protection from the falling snow, too. Wouldn’t that be cool?

So, I saw the tweet from Mark Batterson and this was my suggestion for the title of his book:

C:\Users\Mike\OneDrive\Pictures\Screenshots\2017-02-06 (7).png

[Guest post by Michael Hall]

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