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Jim Bakker: Presidential Demon-Buster In Black Prophetic Underoos (And no, he’s not in “my club.”)

News Division


It’s another one of those stories that gives a ring of ironic truth to the words attributed to Groucho Marx –  I think it was –

“I wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that would have people like me as members.”

Jim Bakker was featured (and has been featured, somewhat regularly) on Right Wing Watch, the left-wing blogosphere alert-site for the group, People For The American Way, where “left” is so far “left” that definitional directional etymology fails to capture their own political and social excesses.  It’s so far left that it tends to make “progressive” sound somewhat Ma & Pa Kettle-ish.

Nevertheless, what is worrisome really is not that there are extremist, socialist, left-wing progressive types in America like the folks from Right Wing Watch. What is worrisome is that they’ve put Jim Bakker on my side – and perhaps yours. This is disturbing – and not merely on a theological level. I’d no sooner hang out, endorse, support, or laud Jim Bakker any more than I would Bernie Sanders, Karl Marx, or Charlie Manson.  It’s not a club I wanna be in.

But “PTL” Jim is identified as a “right wing” threat by folks who comprise the “left-wing threat.” By the way, “PTL” no longer is acronymic for “Praise the Lord.” Since Jimbo’s bounce out of the big house on parole after 8-years-served of a 45-year stint for mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy, the reconstituted television “ministry” of Bakker – sans his divorced, and subsequently deceased, wife Tammy Fay – has morphed into “Prophets Talking Loud.” So yeah, that Jim Bakker is apparently on my team. Great. (If you find cause to affirmingly say “Amen” to Bakker being on “your team,” drop me a line so I can bump you up on my prayer list. Clearly, you need it.)

Here’s what Jim caught left wing flak for on Right Wing Watch on February 1. The headline captures it quite well: “Jim Bakker: I Bound Demons In Hell To Save Donald Trump.”

Yeah, well, okay. There’s enough in the headline, which accurately quotes Bakker, to prove that he’s not on “my team.” Frankly, he deserves flak for that nonsense.  For that, I cannot rightly malign the left.  But, even if true, it does reflect how thick is the vitriol for anything conservative over there in “LeftyLand.”  To pronounce someone a threat because they bound demons in hell, were it a legitimate ability, seems awfully short-sighted on their part.  Demons and hell seem, though, only to be an affliction for the right, perhaps.  (Hopefully, a theological refutation of grinning Jimbo’s demon-binding claim is unnecessary for you. But in case you’re unsure … NO, we cannot bind demons. Go HERE for further information.)

Still, Jim “I finally read the Bible when I was in prison” Bakker’s demon binding for Trump isn’t quite as fantastical a claim as was his prophetic “black underwear” tale from back in 2015.

“I went to get dressed and I pray about what I wear, I really do, I know I look stupid sometimes but the last time God told me to wear a color was red, and what happened that day? The stock market crashed. Today, God said, ‘I want you to wear all black.’ Even my shoes are black. My underwear is black. My socks are black.”  Jim Bakker

<Insert laugh track here … followed by eye rolls, head shakes, and then  … proceed to “pray without ceasing” because, folks … folks actually LISTEN to this fraudster!)

The reason for Jimbo’s Johnny Cash-like underoos was a prophetic signal. It was a sign of God’s wrath on America.

Ummm. No.  

Jim, whatever voice in your head told you to dress in black … that was not God. Why? Because to understand the wrath of God on America, no one needs to know the color of your Fruit of the Looms. We can simply “abide in my word,” as Jesus suggested. (See John 8:31)

Check out Romans 1, for example. Neither the color of Paul’s cloak nor of his “under-cloaking” was remotely important. Jim, you are a charlatan. You need to confess, repent, and believe the Gospel – and stop tarnishing the name of Christ and the bride of Christ.

Right Wing Watch really is doing an incredible job, though, in persuading their left-wing acolytes by lumping Bakker in with legitimate conservatives. And their intent is clear. Make the right wingers look as foolish, outlandish, gullible, and ignorant as possible so as to diminish them in the public eye. It’s more from the “bitter clingers with guns and Bibles” playbook.  And Jim’s a great pick for that, there is no doubt. Give the lefties some credit. Hardly a more worthy example could be had. He comes ready-packaged as the poster child for presumed right-wing lunacy, complete with the televangelistic mantle of prophetic charlatanry, a bonafide prison record, and a former wife who, by her mascara-flowing weep-on-demand routine, was a laughingstock of ludicrousness, excessiveness, and shyster-ness.

That Bakker shows up on Right Wing Watch might be creditable to their left wing marketing savvy, but that’s not the only place he – like some aging, balding, meerkat of ministerial malfeasance – pops up. Charisma News – which some people actually take as a bonafide source for church, culture, political, and world news – regularly includes Bakker among its feature stories.

Unlike Jim Bakker, the meerkat is not in the weasel family.

Yesterday, they featured a video excerpt from The Jim Bakker Show that included “minister” Billye Brim. Brim was reporting on a “supernatural event” that occurred when she and pro-Israel advocates showed up at the Capitol “to lobby.” You can listen to the video yourself, but the gist of the dialogue is Brim’s recounting how she ended up outside the Senate Caucus Room in which the confirmation hearing for Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State was under way. Brim says that God sent her and her entourage there “to control the heavenlies.” She said, “We have authority over the prince of the power of the air” and her group bound demons from interfering with the proceedings.

It is, of course, typical fare for Charisma News whose readership obviously includes many Bible-avoiding, but charlatan-embracing types. Little wonder that Charisma News won’t keep something credentialed, Biblically-informed, and genuinely helpful posted on their site, like J.D. Hall’s up-then-down article on the immigration issue. (Charisma News asked to republish his piece Why Our Evangelical Leaders Need To Shut Up About Immigration.  They posted it … and then promptly unpublished it. What could they possibly have been thinking? Serving a dose of truth to the barren minds who engage believingly with Charisma’s fraudulent fodder could be cataclysmic to readership!)

A couple of the Bakker videos are included below for your jocular entertainment, for your discerning lamentations, and for your most needed prayers. The superficial church is increasingly going wacko with this sort of nonsense, no doubt because once-legitimate churches have turned from sound doctrine and preaching of the Word to merely selling what the goats will buy.

Filling a pew or adding another “multi-site” site to a mother church’s network of goat farms is far, far more important than actually teaching and preaching the Word.  (By the way, when did Jesus announce a change to His marketing plan of redemption?  The Gospel is out and seeker-sensitive, “it’s all about you,” “feel-good” messages are in.  “Here, say this prayer and you’re in the club!”  I never even knew there was a memo.  Maybe it’s printed on the napkins at your local church’s “The Bible Is All About Me”-themed coffee and latte bar.  I’d look, but I don’t wanna miss real church to find out.  Fax me a copy if you’ve got it, please!)

However, if you wanna see a legitimate Biblical prophecy being fulfilled before your very eyes, try out 2 Timothy 4:3-4.  You can certainly compare it to the Jim Bakkers of the world, and to the target demographic of Charisma News.  Either point of reference would suffice as a testimony to Scripture’s accuracy.  But perhaps you ought to do something even more hermeneutically and provocatively applicable: compare it to your own church this coming Sunday.

Are you getting THE Word, or simply “a” word?  If it’s the latter, then, frankly, it’s no more worthwhile or eternally-edifying than watching meerkat Jimbo binding presidential demons in his super-prophet under-roos.  Skip the fraudulent frolics and the you-centered fodder.  Abide in the Word that elevates Christ … and in a church that actually does.

“For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Jim Bakker Saves Donald Trump From Demons:

Jim Bakker’s Prophetic Black Underwear:

[Contributed by Bud Ahlheim]