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Rick Joyner Given the Prophetic Phrase of the Year from…Buzz Lightyear.

At some point in the last decade, it became popular for Montanist prophets to publicize the word or phrase of the year. Claiming revelation from God, vision-casting pastors and charismatic seers release into the world a magical term that will frame the next year.
Steven Furtick’s prophetic word of the year in 2016 was “Crossover” (link). I am unaware what exactly was crossed over, but nonetheless…
Cindy Jacobs says that the prophetic word of the year 2017 is “Breakthrough” (link).
Patricia King gave a total of 17 prophetic words for 2017 (link). Hint: Trump is one of them.
Kenneth Copeland said that the prophetic word for 2017 is “fabulous outpouring” (link).
The prophets at some point ought to get together and find out why God is giving them all different words, but I digress…It’s Rick Joyner’s prophetic word of the year for 2017 that is most interesting. You might recognize it as familiar as soon as you read it. The year of the word for 2017, straight from “God” to Rick Joyner is [insert drum roll]…To Infinity and Beyond.
Joyner recognizes that he’s quoting the Pixar character, saying…

“You may have heard that before. I’m quoting Buzz Lightyear…That sounds like unlimited potential, and that’s what I was shown for the coming year.”

You can watch the video here. For some reason. If you want to.
Editor’s Note: HT Charisma Mag