Pro-Life Marches, Media Agendas and The Greatest Need in America!

I read an article that gave the links to around twenty other news agencies that were reporting on a Pro-Life rally. All but one of the articles linked had the exact same story written out. There was some effort to tweak the details but it was obvious that there was a certain national agenda being played out. Then you look at the byline and all but one agency got their agenda driven source from the associated press. Here is what you will find in almost every case. The article can be found HERE.

CBS-San-Francisco reports “Anti-Abortion Protesters March Through San Francisco.”

“Anti-abortion demonstrators have marched through downtown San Francisco in an annual event that coincides Saturday with the city’s anti-Trump Women’s March. Organizers say they have coordinated so the two events occur at different times of the day.”

The Cloned media coverage of this Rally is what should be the news here. These people exercised the Constitutional Right to “Peaceably Assemble” They did exactly that and not one video has emerged that shows radical demonstrators shouting death to whoever. Not one time did these people destroy property and demand that America bow down and submit or more riots would happen.

These people were standing for all women’s rights including the women in the womb who are being murdered be the other crowd, as they seek their feminist agenda.

But like I said the real news is the “fake news” that this article links to. If you follow the links to all but one of the news sources, you will find that there is only one narrative that is acceptable. Only one opinion is being pushed in these “fake news” media outlets and that agenda is as always slanted to favor those poor oppressed women who are losing their rights under those evil dictators. Oh, and it just so happens that those dictators have blind followers who are anti-abortion. Oh, the horror! Can you imagine the travesty, nay, the plight of these oppressed women who just want to be free to do what they want with their bodies?

They just want to live in peace and be free to judiciously exercise the same rights that men have? But wait, is that really so? Do men have the right to pay someone to slaughter their children if they make that choice to reject them? I believe that this country only gives the right to murder an unborn child to a mother, thereby making her a murderer. But only a man would be charged criminally if he did the same thing these poor oppressed women are fighting for.

SO why the narrative? Why the agenda? Why is it that nearly every news agency is pushing an identical story? The answer is simple, Hate! They have joined in the hate that has manifest in this nation for life. Statistically speaking, more women are murdered in the womb worldwide than men. Speaking of statistics, this nation assists in the murder of more black Americans at abortion clinics than any other ethnic people groups, Thanks to Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood who sought to wipe out the Black American community because she was a vile racist. We live in a socialistic society driven by hate, and what they hate the most is having their particular depravity exposed or challenged.

Here is a quote from the Queen of Death, Margaret Sanger herself.

Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922. Page 12.

“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

They demand that equal rights for all women are afforded to all women! Except those who disagree with the at will murder of the unborn, and the rights that unborn women must also be afforded, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hillary Clinton, a proud supporter of Sanger stated babies in the womb are not protected under the Constitution, and that is what the Anti-Life protestors and “Fake News” outlets are compelled to push for under the guise of “women’s rights,” and “civil rights.”

The question that is not being answered or asked is “Does the demand for women’s rights extend to the women being murdered every day in the womb of mothers who demand the right to murder, not themselves, but the babies that are in the womb?”

It is a sad to see the media bias that won’t even honestly interview and report on what is actually happening in a given situation. It used to be called plagiarism to copy another person’s writings verbatim without attributing that person’s work. But in this case, I doubt that all these agencies really want it exposed that they are following a narrative that is being driven be the socialist elites who are trying to drive the opinions and beliefs of this nation. I doubt that the actual author wants it to be known that the reason all these agencies articles are almost perfectly identical is that they so vehemently hate any group that is willing to stand for the life that they know is made in the image of God.

This agenda is not about the rights of women to access “health care,” and it’s certainly not about “gender equality.” This agenda is about destroying the moral fabric of this nation by deeply entrenching its citizens in the wickedness and depravity of murdering our own children or silently supporting such murders. And the net result is a nation of people who do not wholly lean upon the Lord and do not have any blessings as a people.

We will never be “One Nation Under God,” and God will not truly “Bless America” unless America shakes off the agenda of the Socialist Progressive Liberal mindset and agrees with the Lord that we are a sin filled and wicked people who have done wickedly in the sight of the Lord. America will never truly see God’s blessing until we the people fall on our faces and repent of our national sin and rebellion against The Lord we speak of when we say “God Bless America.”

There is a national agenda to indoctrinate America’s people so that they never will come to a broken and contrite heart of repentance before the Lord, and that is why you constantly see the national media pushing the “pro-choice” “pro-feminism” “pro-socialism” agenda’s. That is why patriotism and rule of law and holding to a historical understanding of what made this nation great is so abhorrent to people who hate God and everything America once stood for. The only hope for that to change, the only way to “Make America Great Again” is for the people of this nation to fall on their knees and repent.

And just so there is no doubt how we start, God says that Judgment begins at the house of the Lord 1 Peter 4:17. America’s Christians need to repent of not heeding God’s Word and of following the leadership of hirelings.

John 10:12-13 warns about those who are supposed to be leading God’s people correctly and they love money more than God. They don’t care for God’s people, His sheep, and so when God’s enemies sneak into the church and hurt God’s people with their false teaching, they just silently watch it happen. “He who is a hired hand, and not a shepherd, who is not the owner of the sheep, sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them. 13“He flees because he is a hired hand and is not concerned about the sheep.” As the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, the Church of Christ, we must lead the way in true repentance. We are called to be salt and light and to warn everyone of sin, righteousness and the judgment to come and that is the plea of compassion that we are sorely missing today. We are so desperately in need of laborers who will proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

As a nation who has truly been blessed by God because we once held to Biblical values, and honored God the Creator of Heaven and Earth as the One True and Living God whom we cherished and trusted to guide us by the light of His love. We must take a serious look at the direction we are heading in and we must see that everything we are pushing for, or silently allowing. All the agenda’s we are driving for are a direct result of a nation of people who has lost the light of the Gospel. We have truly lost our way when vulgarity and depravity are lauded and heralded in our society when violence is given room to vent itself when the murder of law enforcement is perpetrated and advocated in our streets, in our government policies, and forced upon our children. When racism is pushed from sea to shining sea. When those things God calls sin, are the very agenda’s that America hold’s to a virtuous, is it any wonder that the media would have an agenda to mischaracterize and slant its coverage of peaceful marches for the lives of unborn children.

We have truly lost our way when vulgarity and depravity are lauded and heralded in our society when violence is given room to vent itself when the murder of law enforcement is perpetrated and advocated in our streets, in our government policies, and forced upon our children. When racism is pushed from sea to shining sea. When those things God calls sin, are the very agenda’s that America hold’s to a virtuous. Is it any wonder that the media would have an agenda to mischaracterize and slant its coverage of peaceful marches for the lives of unborn children.

Isaiah the Prophet said this: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight! Woe to those who are heroes in drinking wine and valiant men in mixing strong drink, who justify the wicked for a bribe, and take away the rights of the ones who are in the right!” Isaiah 5:20-23. We live in a nation that sees the warnings of God as a joke or a challenge to outdo what God calls wickedness and depravity, and it is time to call for a national day of prayer and fasting and mourning and repentance. It is time for the preachers to stand in the pulpits and proclaim the Truth again, and to call for a cleansing of the church and for judgment, to begin with, us. It is time for Christians to stand up and go out into all the nations and make disciples in obedience to the Lords Great Commission.

I am praying for Repentance starting with me, will you join me?


[Contributed by Justin Pierce]


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