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Jerry Falwell Jr Embraces Prosperity Impastor, Paula White, calls Discerning Christians "Pharisaical" and "Self-Righteous"

Jerry Falwell Junior ascended to the stage while a chant originating on the Jerry Springer show of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” came from the crowd. He would then introduce the Word-of-Faith impastor, prosperity gospel teacher, and former mistress of Benny Hinn, and do so as though she were a sister in Christ.
Falwell would then go on to interview White’s third husband, who is a musician for the rock band, Journey, and who replaced her second husband – pastor Randy White – just a few years ago. White’s rockstar husband, Jonathan Cain, spoke of God’s anointing on his music career, and credited Jesus with his success. Cain’s musical career, with which he credits God, includes songs with lyrics like:

Lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’ each other
When I’m alone all by myself
You’re out with someone else
Lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’ each other

The “Any Way You Want It” musician waxed eloquent on God’s purposes for him, while Falwell nodded in obvious agreement. Cain then went on to perform some of his hits at the convocation chapel service while the the raucous crowd sang along.
As Falwell introduced the impastor, he called her one of the key people…[who] exemplified what being a Christian woman is about. He went on to say that she taught Trump that not all Christians are Pharisees.
Beginning to speak of Erick Erickson’s post (which was followed up by Michael Horton in the Washington Post) about White’s heresies, he said that he couldn’t be nice, much to the audience applause. Falwell then called Erickson “one of these judgmental Pharisaical Christians…” White, Falwell says, “taught the world that [Christians] are not all self-righteous.”
As Falwell brings Liberty University to the point that it celebrates adulterous unions, female impastors, Word-Faith and prosperity gospel, we will remind you of the proper use of the term Pharisee (click this link). Pharisees were rebuked not for holding to right theology, but for hypocrisy and a false gospel.
Think about that for a moment, and determine exactly who the Pharisees are in this scenario. Then, watch the video below.