While Publisher Pulls Book, Clayton Jennings Posts a Comeback Video

It appears that Penguin Books, the publisher for Clayton Jennings’ Jesus Above Everything, has pulled it from upcoming production. No longer taking pre-orders, the publisher now says the book is “delayed by publisher,” as demonstrated below.
screenshot-2016-12-25-19-26-16This follows on the heels of the news that evangelical heavy-hitter, Tony Nolan – who was once enlisted to help Jennings on the path to “repentance and restoration” – publicly lamented that Jennings had decided to leave that process and instead embrace a “secular team” to help him with “media fallout.” Reportedly, the team also includes attorneys as well as PR professionals, who may seek to apply legal pressure to his victims or the journalists who helped break the story.*
Some considered Jennings’ high profile mentor tacitly declaring his lack of repentance to be the death-knell for his career of self-promotion, but that might just be wishful thinking.
According to sources close to Nolan, the chief reason for their public split is that Nolan and the elders at his church (who revoked Jennings’ ministry license) both demanded that he remove his website and take down his social media presence, both as a sign of contrition and to work on his marriage – something that Jennings several times promised to do. However, the “secular team” secured by Jennings to handle the “media fallout” scuttled those plans and when forced to choose between Scriptural repentance and stiff-necked worldly sorrow, Jennings chose the latter. And, as you would suspect, it wouldn’t be long until Jennings made a video promising a return.
In a video made with his cuckquean wife and posted to social media, Jennings promises to return with “some very exciting things planned” for 2017. Currently, Jennings’ has canceled upcoming speaking engagements, but reports are that he’s told venues and church groups that his “indiscretions” were a long time and was a one-time affair (neither are true, as the great many news reports demonstrate).
In spite of his clear and demonstrable lack of repentance, the revocation of his ministry license, and the repudiation of his mentor, the video has over 14k likes, 785 shares and over a thousand comments (that haven’t been deleted for being negative). Online pseudo-Christian celebrities like Joshua Feurerstein (who threatened this author with “tens of thousands of dollars” in consequences after exposing Jennings in our first post) expressed their support for the promiscuous lothario.
Polemics Report has been in contact with a half-dozen of Jennings’ victims, who are quite concerned about his possible return to the Christian stage. More are willing and ready to step forward with their stories, should he return.
*That will not go well.