Clayton Jennings Downplays Sex Before Marriage as “a Long Time Ago”

Just recently on November 29, 2016, Christian News released an article by Heather Clark entitled “Celebrity Preacher Loses ‘License’ After Wooed Women Come Forward Citing Sex, Booze & Morning-After Pill.” In this article, Heather cited the deplorable sinful sexual exploits of self-described evangelists, author, and poet Clayton Jennings. Heather Clark also highlighted the timeline in which the victims came forth about Clayton Jennings. Heather also credited  JD Hall at the Polemics Report and the crew at Pulpit & Pen which first made people aware of Jennings’ and his sinful acts. Within four hours of Christian News posting the article on their Facebook page Clayton Jennings had a canned PR (public relations) response. Jennings’ response has since been removed. However, the screen shot of the original comment is below.

I had sex before marriage a long time ago and admitted as much MANY MANY times in videos and messages. There are two sides to every story and there are a lot of lies. I’ve just tried to stay humble and quiet and not tell my side. God bless you all.


For everyone that has been reading our articles here at Pulpit & Pen, Polemics Reports or even if you just have read the article by Heather Clark at Christian News you will find the blatant obfuscation of truth in Clayton Jennings social media reply.  First, Jennings’ short, heartless and semi-automatic response tries to brush his past sexual escapades off as events from “a long time ago” and that he has repented. Clayton is acting as if the public should move on because he has.  Clayton’s response to the matter at hand could be no further from the truth. I don’t personally know how Jennings would define “a long time ago, ” but he must have a warped definition of the element and physics of time. The truth is that Clayton Jennings has been involved in amorous relationships up to weeks before his marriage, not such “a long time ago” as he claims.

Secondly, the victims that have come forth with their testimonies have stated that affairs have taken place as recent as 2015. So again, how is Clayton defining time? Because according to my understanding of what  “a long time ago” would be it is not as recent as 2015, especially when 2016 is not even over. Qualifying something that has happened as late as 2015 is not “a long time ago” as Clayton Jennings would have us longing to believe, but would be considered an event of the recent past.

While Jennings’ may be acting as if his past sexual indiscretions are done and past him while boasting a no harm, no foul attitude on social media.  Clayton’s no harm, no foul portrayal is anything but the truth for the victims of his sinful acts. For all of them, this is far from resembling being over. While Jennings’ may try to brush his recent sins under the rug as happening “a long time ago.” The truth of the situation is that anyone looking in from the outside at the facts can see that his recent transgressions are anything but from“ a long time ago” and not even close to being dealt with and something we can label as “a long time ago.”

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