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Southwestern Seminary Uses Chapel Time as Commercial for Anti-Calvinism Group

Paige Patterson gave the chapel ‘sermon’ time to small church pastor and blogger, Rick Patrick, who gave what amounts to a commercial for a group that exists to “counter-balance” Calvinism in the SBC.
After obligatorily thanking Patterson for the Conservative Resurgence and propagation of the doctrine of Scriptural Inerrancy, Patrick went on to give his testimony that included as a highlight the Sinner’s Prayer. Then, Patrick explained the origins of the group, Connect 316, and gave “shameless plugs” (that’s what he called them) for anti-Calvinist bloggers, Ronnie Rogers, anti-Calvinist podcaster, Leighton Flowers, semi-Pelagian professor, Adam Harwood, and promoted their website, SBC Today.
Polemics Report was notified within hours of this “chapel” service, as some people desired to have heard an actual sermon of some kind.

For bonus points, Patrick calls Calvinism a “Trojan Horse” (insert scary music).
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