After Victim Comes Forward, Clayton Jennings Postpones Events, But Plans a Comeback

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I explained in the post Celebrity Preacher Clayton Jennings: Sex, Alcohol and the Morning After Pill, that rising evangelical star, Clayton Jennings, reached out to a young woman (and a follower of his ministry), having seen her photos in social media that appealed to him, and within just a few weeks had convinced her that the Holy Spirit wanted them together. He promised her that she would soon be announced as his fiance’ to his ministry and meet his family. When they met in person, he seduced her with promises of marriage, gave the young woman alcohol, and had sex with her. Then, he sent her away and had her take the Morning After Pill, and abruptly ended the relationship. Again, you can read some of those details here.

Clayton Jennings, posing next to a photo of him as "Jesus."

Clayton Jennings, posing next to a photo of him as “Jesus.”

How did we know this took place? The young woman reached out to Pulpit & Pen, after seeing a post we did about the frenzied female following of Jennings last year entitled Capturing Weak Women. Then, she gave us their full digital communication and several pieces of legally-recorded and legally-obtained audio of several conversations – including one that involved Jennings’ father, which provided his admissions. We also spoke to Jennings’ father, who acknowledged various sins of the nature alleged. Sadly, no one wanted to address the issue of an up and coming evangelical star, and no one was listening to the victim of spiritual abuse.
After several thousand shares, Jennings’ had surrogates reach out to us to try to shame us, claiming that he had “already admitted and confessed this.” Of course, we have the audio of that admission, and it was more cover-up, in our opinion, than contrite confession. Several asked us what we could do to make our posts come down. We told them (to paraphrase) that Jennings needs to give account of his deeds and confess his sins to the fans he leads. He then gave a faux-confession on his Facebook page.
You can read more about his faux-confession here.


Well, it appears that the pressure is on, because now, Jennings has “postponed all events until further notice.”
Notice, Jennings hasn’t confessed to abusing his spiritual authority to promise a young lady marriage, meet her, lower her inhibitions with alcohol, commit fornication, and then give her the abortion pill and attempt to cover up the matter with ongoing deceit. Yet, he has postponed his events “until further notice.”


If you think this is Jennings going away, think again. His videos are still up. His book is still for sale. He’s still schilling his t-shirts. And, he’s telling churches that he will reschedule after the first of the year.
A “youth organization” called The 1 Project Arizona posted to their Facebook group that Jennings had postponed the event “to take some time off for himself and his family” and said he would be releasing a video regarding such (that post has since been removed). He said that the event would be rescheduled shortly after the New Year.
When texting with Victor (who is an intern at Driscoll’s new church in Phoenix), the director of that organization, he acknowledged the truthfulness of our claims.
[UPDATE: Victor informs me that Jennings will not be invited to speak]
Time will tell if it was indeed “a one time thing.” We have witnesses that substantiated continued, similar behavior. But, I digress.
Other churches as well are telling people that he will reschedule those events in just a few, short months. These include, for example, Bedford Acres Christian Church, which expressed as much in an email to Pulpit & Pen admin, Tim Weakley.
One must wonder why these churches and venues believe that a few months hiatus after abuse, fornication, using the abortion pill, the misuse of trust of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of fans and intentional cover-up is sufficient, and why they would be willing to have him speak in the near future. It truly is unbelievable.
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