Oneness Pentecostals

Oneness Pentecostals are charismatics who deny the Holy Trinity, speaking of God in three manifestations (or modes) rather than persons. They practice the heresy of Modalism or Sabellianism.
The modern movement sprouted out of the Montanism revival of 1906, and first came to the surface of American evangelicalism in 1914. These adherents to Oneness Pentecostalism do not believe the doctrine of the Holy Trinity as it has been defined for nearly two millennia, and must not be considered authentic believers in Jesus. Oneness Pentecostals have the distinct feature of typically baptizing only in the name of Jesus, rather than the triune formula of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Oneness Pentecostals, besides differing from authentic Christians regarding the Trinity, typically also have an aberrant soteriology, denying Sola Fide and embracing a formulaic salvation of repentance and demonstrating ecstatic gibberish (glossolalia, which differs from the Biblical gift of tongues in Acts 2) as evidence of a “baptism of the Holy Ghost.”


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