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Christian Post Promoting Filth and Worldly Entertainment

I don’t read the Christian Post much. It’s littered with advertisements and pop-ups that generally make it a useless and unreadable site. Why anyone would visit this site, or contribute to it, is beyond my feeble comprehension. At any rate, the site is lauded as an evangelical Christian site for the purpose of promoting Christianity. Its current chairman is William L. Wagner, a former second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention. So, at least at some level, you would expect an evangelical Christian publication to promote materials that don’t require you to reach out your hands and cover your children’s eyes when you open it on your screen.

What scrolled across my Feedly newsfeed today was extremely disturbing. The headline read:

‘South Park’ Season 20 News, Updates, Spoilers: Wieners Out for Butters and the Boys in Episode 4

WHAT? How did TMZ get into my newsfeed?

No, it wasn’t TMZ or any other secular outlet of worldly debauchery. My news feed said this was from the Christian post. Certainly, this was a mistake. I clicked the link.


southparkThe Christian Post has been promoting the famous Jesus-mocking God-hating world-loving obscene smutty television filth known as South Park. Opening up to a disturbing image of cartoon children with their pants down, using the hashtag #weinersout, I was taken back. I could not believe that a Christian site, let alone a largely Southern Baptist evangelical site, would be promoting this kind of filth. Yet it didn’t stop there. The author of the article, Krixia Zhienelle Subingsubing, must have sat through and enjoyed this entire episode, as she gave a detailed plot description and commentary of the show.

Is this what modern Christianity has stooped to?

Here is the link to the article (click with care).

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