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iDisciple…Your Daily Connection with God or with Heretics?

Have you ever heard of “iDisciple” before? That’s okay if you haven’t. I was not aware of this “Christian” content provider either. That is until recently; I was introduced to iDisciple through the marketing selectiveness of Facebook. Since I use my Facebook for primarily Polemics, Apologetics along with various other Christian activities of the sort. Facebook decided to promote iDisciple as an ad in my news feed. So being the type of person I am, one that holds all things up to the light of Scripture, including “Christian” Facebook ads, I decided to check into what iDisciple was all about and how it would supposedly help me grow in my faith as they promoted in their ad to me on Facebook.  Since they claim to be “your daily connection with God,” it must be good, right? What I found is utterly shocking and shows the deplorable state of the decline of American Christianity that is being promoted by the Evangelical Intelligentsia.  If iDisciple is trying to help Christians grow in biblical faith, then they are doing anything but that with the supposed “Christian” content they are providing. After seeing who iDisciple promotes, you will agree with me that iDisciple is one of the tools use by the E.I. for mass distribution of their version of “Christianity.”

One can learn a lot about the ideology behind a website by knowing who owns it; iDisciple is the property of Family Christians Company, which also owns the failing Family Christian Bookstore chain. Just as Lifeway is the thorn in the side to the Baptist community, so Family Christian Bookstores are to the rest of Christendom at large.   When I learned who owned the company, I was not amazed by the content that I found on the iDisciple website.

What, or better yet, who I found being promoted at iDisciple as proponents in the ability to help one grow in their faith was indeed worrisome.  If these supposed “teachers” of the faith are the ones that are guiding the subscribers of iDisciple in their faith walk, one has reason to be concerned. As can be seen below in this screenshot taken from the “Authors’ Spotlight” page there is a lot to be disturbed over.


With a list of teachers and pastors like; Rick Warren, Brian Houston, Ann Graham Lotz, Joyce Meyer, Andy Stanley and Francis Chan (for the complete list of authors click here) leading the lineup, one can only imagine the false teaching that abounds. While there may be some decent, even some great teachers and their materials associated with iDisciple (R.C. Sproul for example) the conflict is that the number of heretical teachers far outweighs the few good teachers.

As Christians, we need to be aware and also wary of such “Christian” content providers like iDisciple and who they are promoting. For those Christians who are trained up in the art of discernment, sites like iDisciple are easily spotted for what they are — hen houses of heresy. Sadly, however, more times than not many Christians are not trained up in the practice of polemics and discernment. This very real lack of training in those critical areas mean a site like iDisciple could easily lead people into Christianity astray and not a biblical Christ-centered faith.

[Contributed by Richard Haas]

Richard Haas

Founder of DriveTime Apologetics, Empowered by Christ Ministries and the DriveTime Apologetics Podcast. Author, Writer, Podcaster, Christian Apologetist & Polemist