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Andy Stanley’s Relentless Attack on Christianity and Covering His Tracks

We’ve covered several stories on the notoriously unorthodox pastor at Northpoint Community Church, Andy Stanley. Everything from denying the Scriptural foundation of Christianity to referring to people at small churches as “stinkin’ selfish.” Stanley has made up his mind–he’s discovered a new and better Christianity, and it doesn’t rely on the Bible. He’s going to reach people, teach people, and preach to people, his fresh and new version of mere-Christianity and he’s going to do away with the old and outdated system of sound biblical doctrine, orthodox creeds, and historic confessions and teachings that the Church was built on. And nobody is going to stand in his way.

Pulpit & Pen and Polemics Report have both had telephone conversations with the staff at Northpoint, and Northpoint’s attorneys. While we–little nobodies–are doing what we can to contend for the faith, and expose errors, heresies, and false teachings, Northpoint has been bullying us with Copyright claims, and even threats of lawsuits, for reporting on Andy Stanley’s spurious teachings. The implacable attempts at covering Stanley’s tracks are limitless and unending. Stanley’s reputation, as opposed to Scripture, historic Christianity, or solid theology, is the ultimate object of defense at Northpoint.

In his latest series of attacks on the authority of the Bible, he has continuously attempted to establish grounds for “taking the spotlight off the Bible” in churches, and instead, “focusing on the resurrection.” His reasoning? In a cunning use of casuistry, essentially he claims the Word of God carries no weight in a conversation with unbelievers.

In the wake of a backlash against him from orthodox Christians, he has removed the description of his most notorious sermon in the series titled The Bible Told Me So, and replaced it with a more palatable description to appease Christians. The original description to the sermon read,

Do you find some of the Bible’s stories about God unsettling? Do you ever wonder how you can trust Jesus if it requires you to believe everything in the Bible is true? Does Christianity seem like a fragile house of cards that may tumble down in the face of scientific or archaeological discovery? Before you abandon your faith, it’s worth exploring this question: What if the Bible isn’t the foundation of the Christian faith?

Of course, to any true believer, this “sermon” description is absurd, and calls into question the very foundation of our faith–the Word of God. Indeed, many took issue with this, and confronted him. Since then, the description has been scrubbed from his website, and replaced with,

Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so. Should we really believe something just because the Bible tells us so?

By all means, this still calls into question the authority of Scripture, yet, in a clever use of ambiguity, it comes off as less offensive. Yet still, the entire sermon series puts Andy Stanley’s real agenda on display, and reveals his heart to the world.

Stanley believes he has the answer to why people turn away from Christianity. He believes the Bible is an obstacle to the faith. This is nonsense. The Bible testifies of itself that it is the ultimate source of truth (Eph 2:8-9), and the ultimate light that guides you to salvation (Psalm 119:105). Stanley’s new founded version of seeker-sensitive Christianity doesn’t make believers. It makes false converts. In order to be a believer, you have to believe–and this is exactly what Stanley is saying you don’t have to do.

Andy Stanley is a false prophet who thinks he’s got it figured out. He’s preaching another gospel, and he should be marked and avoided. Why any bible believing Christian would associate with this snake is beyond sound reason. The practice of even a small amount of discernment will reveal that he’s a snake, and should not be handled in any fashion.

For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. – Matthew 24:24

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