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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: Let Me Baptize Donald Trump, Then We Will Know God is On Our Side

The ringleader of the Duck Dynasty cult, Phil Robertson, gave an ardent inducement for the cause of Donald Trump today. The notable spiel included a candid offer to publicly baptize Trump, stating that by doing so on camera, “The left-wingers will literally go crazy and the evangelicals will swarm you like a mighty thrall because then we would know we have God on our side.”

“First of all, read the Old Testament, and see how many different people God worked through to accomplish his purpose…Better a man who sticks his foot in his mouth once in a while than a woman who pours out lies,” he exclaimed in his diatribe against Clinton.

The Value Voters Summit, put on by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, and the American Family Association, is an ecumenical patchwork of religious groups that advance the ideology of “good morals” and “family values” in the name of Christianity–usually at the expense of the true Gospel. Perhaps one of the most notoriously misunderstood Christian cults in America today is the Patriotic Gospel. I mean, everyone thinks the American Dream is a biblical concept, and at all costs, it must be fought for, defended and protected.

The Duck Dynasty crew stands as an exemplary icon to the Gospel of American got-to-have-it-all political patriotization. They have it all–big cars, big houses, lots of money…and somewhere wedged in there, there’s Jesus. Yes, they flaunt Jesus. The Jesus that demands we overlook Donald Trump’s moral failures because Hillary Clinton pours out lies. The Jesus that asks us to set aside religious differences to save our country from the judgment of God.

Nevermind that Phil’s Jesus is a false Jesus whose work on the cross is insufficient and requires baptism for salvation, as long as they draw a great political crowd. That Jesus mixes just fine with all the other idols of patriotic piety.

Yes, this is the Jesus of the Patriotic gospel that sadly so many in America have embraced. The pro-family groups, the religious politicians, Christian schools and colleges, and even the churches across America. But this Jesus is an idol, and will not stand. Rest assured, God will destroy your golden calf (Micah 5:13).

For all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols, but the Lord made the heavens. – Psalm 96:5

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