Heresies: Audianism

An little-known but widely-practiced heresy in modern evangelicalism is Audianism. Audianism is a teaching named after its founder, Audius, who was a Syrian in the 4th Century AD. Audius taught that because God made man in his own image (Genesis 1:27), that this means that God the Father has a human form. Sometimes practitioners of this belief are called Anthropomorphists.
Jerome and other church fathers widely repudiated the notion that God the Father has a physical body, and it has typically always been considered heretical because of the great many Scriptures that reveal to us that God the Father is Spirit, as well as the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. God the Son now has flesh, post-Incarnation.
Many charismatic teachers who purport to have had visions or encounters with God will describe his physical body. Many Heaven Tourism accounts will do this as well, indicating that whoever or whatever they saw or encounter, was not the God of Scripture who “does not have flesh or bones” (Luke 24:39). They fail to see that language referring to God as having hands, feet, or some other body part are mere anthropomorphisms.
Modern adherents to Audianism include Kenneth Copeland, who repeatedly speaks of God the Father having flesh, and many other charismatics who recall stories of supposed encounters with God.