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Kirk Cameron Joins with Cultist to Get Out Christian Vote

Since about 2012, Kirk Cameron seems to have associated closely with the Christian Reconstruction movement, being influenced by RJ Rushdoony, David Barton, Herb Titus and others, and distancing himself from the premillennialism of his Left Behind days. Christian Reconstruction, from which Charismatic Dominionism was spawned, intentionally seeks governmental solutions to spiritual problems, and this approach leads people inevitably to doctrinal compromise in the name of cultural change.
Case in point: The young and respectable actor-turned-evangelist who once demonstrated Law-Gospel evangelism with the stalwart Ray Comfort, has now partnered with Ben Carson to help “get out the Christian vote.”
The problem is that Ben Carson isn’t a Christian. That is, if you define Christian as one who believes in a justification by faith and not works. Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist. Adventism is a cult founded by a false prophecy from William Miller regarding Jesus’ return in 1844 (aptly called The Great Disappointment), then following the teachings of prophetess, Ellen G. White (White’s status as a true prophet was reiterated by the church in 2000). The most troubling heretical belief of the Adventists (and what disqualifies them from being designated with the term, Christian) is their belief in the Investigative Judgment. There are many nuances of this doctrine, but essentially it is the belief that an investigation is being undergone that will judge someone as guilty for continually violating God’s Laws leading to their soul annihilation (Adventists like Carson do not believe in Hell) or will be found innocent by their general keeping of God’s Laws (leading to the entrance into Heaven). The vast majority of Adventists believe this doctrine (a 2002 internal memo entitled ‘Strategic Issues Report’ once contained the figure at 86%, but it has since been deleted from the online version).* That’s a significant number; it’s a higher percentage than Southern Baptists who believe homosexuality is a sin).
It’s here we have to say, we get it. Carson is favored by evangelicals. Carson is pro-life (although he approves of the abortion drug). Carson has preached at First Baptist Church in Orlando, and in other evangelical churches. Carson talks about Jesus a lot. True stuff. However, to be a Christian you have to believe the Gospel, and trust in the accomplished work of Christ alone for your own salvation. One who believes very explicitly in justification completely or in part by works-righteousness is lost, and under the Galatian curse.
In spite of the status of Seventh Day Adventism as a cult (at worst) or a sub-christian sect (at best), Cameron partnered with Carson to talk to Christians, ostensibly as fellow Christians, to tell them how important it is to get out the Christian vote.
Cameron, according to the Christian Post, told listeners that “When the righteous rule, people will be happy” and “people will perish when the wicked rule.” In June of 2016, after meeting with the serial adulterer, casino owner and frequent blasphemer, Cameron said of Trump that he was the “more moral candidate” than Hillary Clinton. Carson endorsed the one who had “never asked for forgiveness” in March of this year.
Cameron revealed what appeared a Reconstruction sentimentality in his statement, “the future is in our hands.”
While Christians should take advantage of the liberties afforded us in a Republic to effect change, to protect the status quo (given the circumstance) or to do justice, Polemics Report (and Reformed Christians everywhere) would like to remind you that the future is most certainly not in our hands.
If we were to think so, we might just compromise what we consider to be Christian for the sake of political gain as well.

*A small minority of Adventists reject the doctrine of the Investigative Judgment, even though it is the official stance of the Adventist church, while still holding to other sub-christian beliefs like Judaizing the dietary law and not believing in hell as eternal, conscious torment.