Liberty, Responsibility, Contentions & Avoiding Extra Biblical Excess

In this fourth part of this series on Christ and Christian ethics. We lay it all on the table. Please listen and share this powerful sermon with your friends and loved ones. Please share this at church and with everyone you know.

We deal with the following questions:

  • Should Christians drink alcohol?
  • When is it appropriate?
  • What is modesty?
  • What about clothing?
  • Head coverings?
  • What about entertainment?
  • Does a Christian have unconditional and unquestionable liberty or is there a responsibility to walk in understanding towards those who are outside of the church?
  • Can a Christian display their liberties and refuse to concern themselves which the opinions of the entire body of Christ?
  • What do we do about the Lloyd Legalist types who demand their brand of doctrine and bully the church into submission?
  • Can women preach and are they permitted to assume the role of pastor or teacher in the church?
  • What role does a woman actually have and are they responsible for being a mentor and teach and disciple in a Biblically balanced way?

This is a hard, heavy hitting sermon that might be the most powerful in this series, and you need to know this. Please, listen as a Berean, with your Bible in hand.

[Contributed by Pastor Justin Pierce]