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David Wood, Seth Dunn and Nabeel Qureshi

JD Hall responds to David Wood’s attack on Pulpit & Pen.

I awoke and stumbled out of my Sunday afternoon hibernation bunker to a flurry of messages in the combox I share with the Pulpit & Pen guys, and saw that Seth Dunn was being beaten like a red-headed stepchild in social media (sorry for the lack of colloquialism trigger warning for all you gingers out there) thanks to a video by David Wood. Being blissfully unaware of the dog pile in the cesspool sump that is Twitter, I had to be apprised of the latest hullabaloo (that’s the official word, I think). Allow me to lay down a little suppressing fire for my good pal, Seth, and ask exactly what the big flaming deal is.

By the way, I reached out to a mutual friend of Wood and asked for his number. Wood declined to speak with me, so my qualifying questions of the gentleman may have to go unanswered. I am just the little people, after all. The little person, interestingly enough, who was asked for his endorsement of a video series Wood did on Islam and who gave it a glowing recommendation. I thought that would at least get a howdy-do, but I digress…

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