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InfoWars Says Open Air Preachers Part of Conspiracy to Make Christians Look Bad

InfoWars, the news site founded and operated by the Texas incendiarian and conspiratorial antagonist, Alex Jones, published a video today hypothesizing that street preachers outside the Republican Convention are part of a conspiracy to make the rest of Christianity look bad. Jones is known for a wide-array of conspiracies including that Hollywood and the American government are operated by “pedophile cults,” a belief in aliens, the intentional poisoning of municipal water supplies through fluoride, the intentional Pentagon-backed poisoning of America through Diet Coke, that the government creates homosexuals and evil masterminds bent on global power control the weather.
In a video today, InfoWars contributor Robert Winters opines that street preachers have been chosen to intentionally “demonize” Christian conservatives.
As the video begins, you can hear an open air preacher in the background speak of the importance of repenting of sin. The voice also encourages listeners to download a free Bible app on their phone and read it so they can make ‘good decisions.’ The voice continues on to say that he desires the listeners go to Heaven. Then, the commentary (presumedly) from Mr. Winters begins…

I feel like some of these more radical religious protesters could be sent here to make us look real radical as Trump supporters.” After a few lines of commentary and questioning someone as to why there are more open air preachers at the RNC than are normally on the street, he continues, “it kind of seems like they’re using these fanatical protesters to label us and potentially make us look bad.”

An interviewee contradicted the videographer, pointing out that he sees open air preachers regularly at UCLA. He says, however, that he can “see where [the videographer] is coming from” that, “They came here to make us look bad, but real christians are going to see right through this. They’re going to know you’re supposed to love your neighbor…and treat them as you want to be treated. I don’t think that’s you want to treat your neighbors like this. I really don’t. This is not Christian. This is Christian extremism. We have a problem with radical extremism with more than one religion.”
In the background, you can hear the open air preacher proclaim his love and God’s love for his hearers.
Winters then agrees with the interviewee, and compares the “fanatical Christians” and “radical Christians” to radical Islamists and wonder if, while the “level of threat” isn’t the same, they are intentionally trying to make Christians look bad.
Polemics Report is seeking comment from open air preachers, as to whether or not they believe InfoWars might be part of a global conspiracy or false flag operation to make Christians look bad.