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Together 2016 App locates “Gay Affirming” churches

Update: People who have recently updated or downloaded the app report that the “Find a Church” function is no longer available. Here is a link to a screenshot of the original app with the function. This was most likely removed due to the backlash.

If you’re unaware of the big gathering this weekend in the nation’s capital, we’ve reported on it several times. The ecumenical event, featuring Pope Francis, will also include notable figures such as former Southern Baptist president, Ronnie Floyd, and various other well-known Evangelical and Catholic figureheads. Recently, it has been reported that the Together 2016 Android and iPhone apps will help unrepentant and practicing homosexuals find a church that affirms them in their sin. No kidding. Berean Research has the story.

Need to find a church that affirms the homosexual lifestyle? The new Together 2016 iPhone and Android app can help you find a place of worship where your sin is affirmed.

The app was released in time for tomorrow’s launch of the Together 2016 – Reset gathering of what organizer Nick Hall hopes will be 1 million people on Washington D.C.’s National Mall – all in the name of unity.