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Perry Noble Fired for Alcohol-Related Issues

Perry Noble, who has often irked the ire of polemicists for sermons that fall short of sound Biblical exposition, for secularized sensationalism and for occasionally yelling at church members who desire deeper discipleship, has been relieved of his post for behavior relating to alcohol consumption.
In 2013, Noble approved of alcohol consumption in a Ask-and-Answer segment for his congregation, as reported by the Christian Post. Noble included the caveats that when engaging in a “questionable activity,” people should ask what the Bible says about it, what godly people think, and what is the wise thing to do.
Noble preached a sermon on alcohol in November of 2008, in which he diminished the concerns relating to alcohol by comparing it to obesity rates (and takes a shot at the SBC for passing a resolution against alcohol, opining on when they would pass a resolution against buffets). In that sermon, Noble claimed to have not drank alcohol since 1989 and said he had a “bad past with alcohol.”
Apparently falling into sin with alcohol at some point since then, Noble’s leadership team apparently made the call to release him from the pastorate. Because Noble’s highly cryptic megachurch power structure – similar to that of Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church and others – Matthew 18 was not followed and so the congregation is not fully privy of the pastor’s errors.
The Greenville Online news site reports that it was divulged to the congregation that Noble “had made unfortunate choices and decisions that have caused much concern” among “board members,” who had confronted Noble more than once about his use of alcohol and his “posture toward marriage.” Sadly, this leaves much to speculation.
Noble says that he was not adulterous, but another cryptic, sad and possibly telling overture is when it was announced to the congregation that his wife was “100% behind [the firing].”
Clayton King, not known for his scriptural exposition prowess but rather for his entertaining orations, will be filling in for Noble for the time being.
One attender reportedly noted, “…losing Perry will have a huge impact…he is a great motivational speaker.”
In related news, it is currently unknown if buffet-addictions have led to any pastor’s termination in recent history.