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On Day 5 Cops Lay Dead, Thabiti Anyabwile Defends Black Panthers

Ron Burns, who chose for himself the black nationalist name, Thabiti Anyabwile, has thrown some sympathy out for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and in the process, stuck up for the O.G. hate group, the Black Panthers.
Anyabwile has repeatedly endorsed and promoted BLM and has used the platform given him by prominent evangelicals to insult and malign the police, seldom if ever showing sympathy for the Law Enforcement Community. Anyabwile called Bernie Sanders the best presidential candidate for African Americans (because in spite of Sanders’ abortion stance, Anyabwile says at least he helps “the living”). He then endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, after she sealed the Democratic primary.
Now, Anyabwile throws some shade on the Dallas community and law enforcement for “assuming” that the assassin sniper(s) was/were BLM supporters (their anti-white views were reported in the police news conference earlier today). Anyabwile wants us to assume the connection to BLM may just be coincidence. While instantly assigning guilt to police in the Garner, Brown and Sterling cases, Anyabwile all in a sudden wants you to reserve judgment after getting all the facts.
In a Twitter conversation, liberal and progressivist Southern Baptist professor from Oklahoma, Alan Noble, tweeted an excerpt from a National Review article with his one-word commentary, “despicable.” The article pointed out a commonsensical deduction that the anti-cop rhetoric that is common (and promoted) by BLM was likely partially to blame for the assassinations. Apparently the SBC progressive objected to the notion, and found Anyabwile in full agreement. He responded, “same rhetoric offered against the Panthers years ago.”
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Anyabwile – on the day that 5 cops were gunned down in racist hatred (more, counting non-lethal injuries) – chose to throw shade at the LEO community and defend the Black Panthers as somehow being unjustly vilified.
Anyabwile continues to produce material for 9 Marks, Desiring God, and The Social Gospel Coalition in spite of his Hillary Clinton endorsement and Biblically untenable worldview.