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How Hillsong and Brian Houston are Destroying Christianity

The professing church is filled with charlatans. Men and women who care about fame, fortune, and popularity. This pervasive evil has crept its way into even the most solid of churches, leading people astray, into the darkness of a counterfeit Christianity–one that has a form of godliness, but denies its power. If you want to see true Christianity destroyed, reject Christ’s warnings against fraudulent, lawless men. One such degenerate man is co-founder and CEO of Hillsong Church, Brian Houston.

Houston has single-handedly destroyed Christianity in Australia. He has been relentlessly pushing the idea through his new TBN sponsored television network, The Hillsong Channel, as well as through his books, that he is an extraordinary, God-ordained, faith-filled leader. He really wants you to believe this. So much so, that he’s willing to go to any extreme to silence and destroy anyone who disagrees with him. This is evidenced in how he has handled the investigation by the Royal Commission into his father’s crimes. He has repeatedly lied to them, and they have rejected his testimony. He lied to the media, sidelined his father’s victims and support persons, and maligned the media and critics to stop monitoring him, while he promoted his father as a righteous man in his book. He will publicly lie and twist the truth to deny any accusation made against his self-contained multi-billion dollar religion-industrial complex.

He publicly lied about knowing that two homosexual members of his church, one of which was leading a choir, had plans to get married. He lied about knowing that his wife and his associate pastors planned on having a nearly naked man dance and perform on stage in front of thousands of women at a women’s conference. And he twists and distorts the truth to defend an indefensible, sleazy rendition of a classic Christian song, in order to save face for his company.

But his lies and cover-ups are simply a symptomatic response to the darkness of this rat pack. Perhaps the most dubious of sins perpetrated by Hillsong are its hostile takeovers of smaller, biblical churches in Australia, and around the world. Churches are left with a dilemma: to either conform to Hillsong’s model or Hillsong will plant a church in your area, and take away your members. This is the official objective of Hillsong, as stated in their “vision statement,” and this is exactly what has happened in Australia. As one church member in Australia said, “almost every small town has a seeker friendly church that shuts the other biblical churches down purely because the parents want better facilities and the youth cannot handle a full sermon on doctrine.”

And this is absolutely the truth. Youth today have been conditioned to “experience” church, rather than accept the biblical model of church, which is, primarily, to equip the saints to make disciples. While biblically-modeled worship is and should be an integral part of a church service, Hillsong has transformed the traditional worship service into a mind-numbing session of entertainment that contains little, if any, expository preaching, Gospel proclamation, or biblical truth. As the English evangelist, Leonard Ravenhill once said, “Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy. The more joy you have in the Lord the less entertainment you need.” Hillsong and churches that follow their model have become breeding grounds for false converts, and make their congregations completely dependent on the “high” they get through the experiential worship services, while departing from the truth.

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. – 2 Tim 4:3-4

Over the last several decades, this pulpit criminal has demanded churches and the secular world regard him as a legitimate Christian minister and his movement as a valid “Christian” movement. Take a look at this video to see him talking himself up as one of God’s greatest church-builders, all while raping the Word of God and teaching Word of Faith heresy.

Yet, again, this worm has been anything but faith-filled, courageous or law-abiding. Sadly, many Christians do not realise how worm-like and cowardly Brian Houston actually is. He makes a game of blocking and ignoring people who genuinely care about contending for the true faith, and standing for doctrinal truth. If you question him, he bullies you (especially if you are female). Here, you can listen to a “sermon” of him essentially teaching his congregation that they must “die to their opinions,” and submit themselves to the authority of their church leaders.

However, when important Christian issues are presented to him, he has no answer, so he just lies, contorts, or changes the subject. He literally stands for nothing except his own image. He has no faith and he has no guts. To back up this strong claim, I’d like to point you to this interview with Hope 103.2 radio. In this interview, Clare Chate acknowledges to Brian Houston that he is “aiming to lead a church that influences the culture but is also culturally relevant and sensitive.”

He confirms this. She continues,

And in Australia, we are now dealing with the issue of same-sex marriage, which is looking like it might be inevitable. How do you address issues like that as a leader in a church? And how should Christians deal with that?

So what did Brian Houston say? Did he say the church will stand for the truth? Did he say that he is working with ministers to make the Christian voice heard and why these issues are not good for the church and the rest of society? No, his response was,

Well I think it’s very vexing and very challenging. The moment you get asked the question on ah- secular media in particular- ah- “What do you think about homosexuality?” or “What do you think about gay marriage?,” you’re going to lose people. You’re either going to lose people on the one side or you are going to lose your constituency on the other side. And if you say nothing, you lose everybody. And so it’s one of those questions where there’s no great answer…”

Brian showed no concern for the Christian faith or biblical truth. Mr. Houston did not even bother to bring up the Scriptures to equip leaders or Christians to combat the invasion of the secular agenda in the Church. Essentially, he said we will lose the popularity contest (because all Brian cares about is remaining popular) and “there’s no great answer,” on the issue of homosexuality. How’s that for a faith-filled, courageous leader?

But what do you expect from a church that is not centered around Jesus Christ or his Word, but around the “vision of the senior pastor?” Their model is a church that’s so big, that the senior pastor is protected from any criticism. He can surround himself with only those who affirm him, while shielding himself from any who question him. There is no accountability. The desire is a top-down structure that makes all under the senior pastor subservient to the “vision.”

So much for Brian Houston and Hillsong “influencing” society with the truth of God’s word, yet they are influencing churches, ruthlessly taking them over and converting Christians to their ungodly model under their religious regime.

If Christians in and around the world actually cares about truth, it’s time to expel the lawless and wicked Brian Houston from Christianity and demand that Hillsong shut down its onslaught against biblical Christianity.

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