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Douglas Wilson on the Danger of Russell Moore

This is an excerpt from Blog and Mablog by Douglas Wilson. This excerpt picks up in reference to Moore’s tantrum regarding Falwell and other evangelicals coalescing with Donald Trump. 

Falwell lives in a different climate than does Moore, and so Falwell is bending before a different prevailing wind than that which causes Moore to sway so elegantly. Moore is objecting to thedirection that Falwell is compromising, not to the fact of the compromise. He is all about the fact of compromise.

When Falwell bends, Moore objects. When Chief Justice Roy Moore refuses to bend, Moore objects. We pipe, and Moore does not dance. We mourn, and he does not weep. The only conclusion is that Moore wants us all to bend in a particular direction. He wants us all to bend in the same direction heis bending.

On another occasion, Russell Moore said that it would be all right with him if Christians started going to same sex mirage wedding receptions. He thought that we shouldn’t go to the ceremony, but that we could go to the reception afterward. I wrote about that at the time, and the link to my response is here. But the link to the video in the article is now dead — that video is now private. Went down the memory hole or something.

But Moore did say that it would be okay for Christians to go to a wedding reception where two dudes were going to kiss, have their first dance, cut the cake, and all of that. And there we are in the corner, Moore-disciples, wide-eyed and eating our reception mints and cashews. One of us whispers . . . are we supposed to clap when they kiss? What about if they give each other tongue?

This is the very same high level of incoherence as was displayed by Falwell in front of Trump’s egoistic wall of shame. But there are two differences. First, Falwell is bending to a reactionary worldliness and Moore is bending to a cool-kids kind of worldliness. That’s why they are bending in different directions. But second, Moore’s compromises are far more dangerous. His prevailing wind, the one from the left, is the real threat.

In other words, Falwell disgraced himself. But Moore’s proposed way is far more disgraceful, and many more people are likely to go for it.

Moore is famous for being embarrassed by the Confederate flag, but I decline to take this as a demonstration of high principle. Appomattox was a century and a half ago. Closer to home, he is also embarrassed by the word evangelical, and refuses to answer to it. I conclude that the problem might be that he is easily embarrassed. More to the point, he is of an embarrassable substance. That kind of guy is easy to steer.

The Southern Baptists would do well to get him away from the helm.

Wilson is writing exactly what we polemicists have been saying for over two years. He just does it so much more eloquently.
[Editor’s Note: This except is provided via Fair Use in keeping with 17 USC & 107. Author – Douglas Wilson, Source – Blog and Mablog in post entitled, A Sparkly Lunatic]