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SBC Prez Invites Cult Member to Pray At His Church – Calls Him “Brother in Christ”

This is part two of our series on the new Southern Baptist President, Steve Gaines, titled Seven days of Gaines. Yesterday, we covered Laodicea’s Bellevue’s choir putting on an Elvis show for Fox News. Today, we’re showing you how Steve Gaines deceptively affirms a cult, known as Seventh Day Adventism, and allows one of their members to pray in front of the congregation.

Dr. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate and Seventh Day Adventist has openly stated that he is in full agreement with his church’s doctrine. Seventh Day Adventism teaches aberrant doctrines such as Jesus is the archangel, Michael, denial of eternal Hell, and soul sleep. Yet, in the video below, Gaines finds it appropriate, referring to Carson as a “brother in Christ,” to allow him to take the stage and lead the congregation in prayer.

Carson, who was a Republican presidential candidate at the time, unsurprisingly quotes 2 Chronicles 7:14 (as many SBC megachurch pastors do nowadays) out of context during his prayer, and applied the verse intended for the nation of Israel to America. Political gain, as opposed to doctrinal purity, has become the dominating factor of unity in professing Christian circles. Gaines, who has an exceedingly difficult time properly exegeting Scripture anyways, seemingly has no problem with this.

This is just another example of Steve Gaines tickling the ears of his audience and telling them what they want to hear in order to attract a crowd. These men have gathered not to proclaim Christ crucified, but America restored–and that’s a false gospel. Yet it resonates remarkably well with a large faction of the professing Church–the New Religious Right (NRR), most of whom are lost.

They must be silenced, since they are upsetting whole families by teaching for shameful gain what they ought not to teach. – Titus 1:11

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Uniting with the wicked has become commonplace within the Southern Baptist Convention as of late. Former president, Ronnie Floyd, will soon be holding hands with the pope and other lost souls in Washington, D.C., for the Together 2016 prayer rally.

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