What On Earth is Happening to the Website?

The Rolex of Polemics Blogs is changing.

Basically, I don’t have time write hardly ever. My struggle is that as I write a few, shorter blog posts it keeps me from focusing on longer, more substantive works like the few books I’ve been trying to finish up for nearly forever. And so, the “Pulpit & Pen blog” is dead. Gone. Finito. Over. Done. Fork done stuck in it. You get the point.

Obviously, because you’ve found your way here you know that the Pulpit & Pen website is not dead, gone, finito, over, done or fork done stuck in it. Just the blog part is over. All those articles going back to 2010 have been moved to the P&P Legacy Archive.

However, our contributors aren’t going anywhere. They’ll still be producing the same quality content. The difference is, they’ll be writing under their own sub-blog that is personalized to their own style and personality. Jeff has his own. Seth has is own. Alan has his own and on and on it goes. All are under Pulpit & Pen and sub-blogs of this website. When I have things that are short and sweet that I have to say, they’ll go on the Polemics Report blog. Those guys all have their own as well. Again, you get the point.

What’s not changing is that you don’t have to type in new addresses into your RSS feeds or Google a bunch of different sites to pull up polemics and discernment articles. You can find them all right here in their hub, the Pulpit & Pen website.

I try my darndest not spend more than 8 or so hours a week on Polemics, and it doesn’t leave much time for anything besides the Pulpit & Pen Program and the Polemics Report. Thankfully, we’ve been investing in quality writers who’ve already been pulling their weight around here (and then some).

You’ll continue to experience the same quality Pulpit & Pen material, in a slightly different way.



JD Hall


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