Ted Cruz Hangs Out with SBC Prez, Ronnie Floyd

Republican presidential contender, Ted Cruz, recently attended services at Ronnie Floyd’s Cross Church in Springdale, Arkansas. Floyd is the president of the SBC, perhaps best know for his confetti cannon baptistry created by a Walt Disney designer and for the recent controversy revolving around his partnership with the New Apostolic Reformation‘s Mike Bickle and International House of Prayer. Floyd is also speaking at the upcoming Together 2016 Conference, which is designed to unite charismatic and other, more normal evangelicals.

Cross Church was the center of a controversy in 2004 as it was embroiled in a lawsuit with Americans United for the Separation of Church of State for what appeared to many as a tacit endorsement of President George W Bush in his reelection campaign. In a press release regarding Floyd’s more-or-less endorsement of Bush from the pulpit, Americans United stated in their press release

“Pastor Floyd’s presentation seemed more like a Bush campaign commercial than a church service…His sermon was clearly intervention in the campaign on behalf of Bush.”

Cruz attended Cross Church this past Sunday, and Floyd was quick to tell the press that his attendance “was not an endorsement.” Floyd said, according to ArkansasOnline.com, that Cross Church would welcome any candidate of any party to its services. It is unclear at this time how many Democrat candidates for office have attended Cross Church or received the same pomp and circumstance as Cruz when attending.

Cruz, a Baptist, did not speak at Floyd’s church. In contrast, cultist politicos like Seventh Day Adventist, Ben Carson, and Mormon, Glenn Beck, have been invited to speak at Baptist churches  like David Uth’s First Baptist Orlando and Ed Young’s Fellowship Church (respectively).