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Christian Post Finds Christian Themes in Vulgar Blockbuster, DeadPool

You might have heard of the blockbuster Marvel movie that is now in theaters, Deadpool. Unlike most Marvel movies based upon comic book characters, this film received an ‘R’ rating for its sexual content, on-screen nudity, and vulgarity. Should it surprise you that Christians with a culture-redemption complex are now finding “Christian themes” laced among the coarse jesting, debauchery and displays of fornication?

According to Plugged-In, Deadpool contains 75 f-words, 40 s-words and a whole bunch of others that would probably make your grandma blush and Jesus angry. In fact, Jesus’ name is take in vain numerous times. The movie is laced with beer (both at bars and strip clubs) and drugs, including references to cocaine. The chief protagonist is seen in sexual activity with a female co-star repeatedly, who happens to portray a stripper and prostitute. There’s full frontal nudity, as well as bare breasts, and the lead character’s backside is shown, as well as another guy’s. There’s talk of masturbation, sex toys, porn and oral sex. A stuffed animal is abused, for crying out loud.

But have no fear, there are some Christian themes in there that the Christian Post wants you to know about. After all, “all truth is God’s truth.” These themes include:

  • Stand out as a peculiar people. Hey, Deadpool is “striving to be the individual God created him to be” and so we should, too.
  • Do some self-reflection. Deadpool “breaks the fourth wall” (talks to the audience) and so is self-aware, and we should be self-aware, too.
  • Fight the bad guys. This is self-explanatory. I guess.

Can we stop this garbage? Please. Seriously. First it was the Harry Potter Bible study. Then, pastors began exegeting summer blockbusters into sermon series. For the love of all that is pure and holy, sthaaaap it. By the way, this review doesn’t tell Christians they may not want to watch it on account of the mental garbage and all the stuff in this film for which Jesus died. It merely explains where all the Christianity is in it (supposedly).

This isn’t creative. I could do this with 50 Shades of Grey. You know, themes about “finding pleasure in the pain” and “growing in intimacy with the ones you love.” I could do this with Baywatch, and explain that Jesus is like the lifeguard of your life. Please, please Christians…stop this inanity. It’s absurd.

Jesus did not die so that you could enjoy watching films like Deadpool. Jesus died because you enjoy watching films like Deadpool.

[Contributed by JD Hall]