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Beth Moore Narcigetes Acts 16:14: "You Are The Woman in the Story"

Narcigesis (narcissistic eisegesis)  A biblical hermeneutic where one reads themselves into the bible and writes God out of it.  (source)

Southern Baptist darling, Beth Moore, is well known for her direct revelations from God. She has been exposed for her false prophecies in which she claimed that God told her that he would very soon be uniting every single “sector” and denomination of Christendom to do his work. It has also been shown that most of Beth Moore’s followers have a very shallow, if any, understanding of the Gospel.

Now that Beth Moore has taken on a brand new show on the heretical television network, TBN, she has been given a platform to spout more of her unbiblical garbage to anyone who is willing to listen…and in one particular case, recently, eleven thousand.

In a recent episode of her new show, she narcigetes Acts 16:14, the passage about a woman named Lydia, and reads herself into the text.

Listen, if you believe in what the Word of God says about you, and what God speaks over you, if you believe, you cannot help but be blessed.

While this statement itself isn’t problematic, the problem arises when she makes this passage of Scripture that isn’t about you, about you. She asks the audience to look at the Scripture and says,

You and I are about to personalize it, and adapt it to ourself. We’re about to put ourselves in the storyline because that’s what Jesus is after today.

In a fascinating display of self-idolatry, she then steps into a hula-hoop, and tells her audience to draw a circle in their notes, and put their names in it, and then passionately proclaims, “You are the woman in the story today! You put yourself in it…You are Lydia today.”

While certain truths can be extracted from this passage that can certainly be applied to our lives, making the Scriptures about you is a very dangerous practice. Let’s get this clear, the Bible is NOT about you, it’s about Jesus, and this fine line of eisegetical narcissism that Beth Moore is walking should be avoided.

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